Survival Resources 101 : Beginners Guide To The Top 50 Survival Blogs

Even if you are a seasoned survivalist with years of experience braving nature, there will always be details you don’t know. Researching various blogs and …

Even if you are a seasoned survivalist with years of experience braving nature, there will always be details you don’t know. Researching various blogs and survival gear blog sites can be a difficult experience because it is impossible to know whether the information is useful, current, or even valid. Although there are a lot of survival information resources available, it is crucial that you only get your facts from trusted sources. After all, this information can be the difference between life and death.

While we strive to provide comprehensive and current information, we acknowledge that our blog simply can’t cover every possible topic. With that in mind, we decided to compile a list of the top 50 survival blogs, broken down by category. If there is a fact you need to know, it will unquestionably be contained within one of these sites. And with our vetting, you can be certain the information will be accurate when you need it most. Here are the 50 top survival blogs we found.

Food Preparation, Storage, and Foraging

In the world of survival resources, few considerations are more important than food. Without food, you will quickly lose the energy that you need to respond to life’s most dangerous situations. Thus, having the proper knowledge from the survivalist industry should be a top priority for any avid outdoors enthusiast.

1. All About Food Storage

Although this blog is devoted primarily to home-based long-term food storage, many of the same principles apply to survival situations. We loved this blog for its simple explanations and practical budget-friendly solutions.

2. The Prepared

The Prepared can occasionally stray into the world of overly-dramatizing the survival experience, but the information provided is unquestionably sound. We especially appreciated the focus on foraging and other natural food sources that are available regardless of infrastructure.

3. Prepared Housewives

Prepared Housewives is a delightful and fun-to-read resource for recipes, cooking tips, and general food storage and preparation. Many of the tips are not specifically aimed at outdoor survival, but the level of detail and helpful tips make this blog well worth reading and a no-brainer among our survival blog 50.

4. Simple Family Preparedness

This blog was a wonderful resource in learning how to preserve food using a variety of methods, including canning, freeze-drying, and even salting. We especially appreciated the carefully researched articles, scientific explanations, and ample references for more information.

5. Whole New Mom

Great information, fantastic everyday tips and recipes, and fun to read. What’s not to love? This blog is great for survival and parties alike.

6. Simply Canning

Simply Canning presents a back-to-basics approach that we really enjoyed. So much of survival food is based upon technology and buying the latest shelf-stable science experiments. In that framework, it is nice to be reminded that canning and other methods have been used for centuries and still work just as well today.

7. Food Storage Made Easy

Food Storage Made Easy focuses on food preparedness for all forms of emergencies. Whether you are trapped in the wood, in a storm without power, or simply don’t have the resources to keep your family fed before the next paycheck, this blog has the information you need.

8. Chef Tess Bakeresse

This one might seem like an odd inclusion at first, given that this blog seems more Pinterest garden party and less survivalist manual. However, the focus on sustainability and home farming won us over, despite the less focused approach.

9. The Survialist Blog

Whether you’re trying to pick out edible berries or trying to turn them into a pie, this blog has a little bit for everyone.

10. Survivor Jane

Survivor Jane focuses on survival foods that sustain you physically and emotionally. Well worth the read.

Survival Gear

Survival gear is the bread and butter of this site, but we admit that we can’t cover every possible base. Here are the best blogs for gear review we found.

11. Off Grid Web

This blog gives a no-nonsense approach to survival gear and reminds us that the most expensive gear isn’t always the best. This is a great inclusion for any 50 best survival blogs list.

12. Survival Life

Survival life doesn’t just review the gear; they show you the most effective way to use it. We highly recommend this blog for gear reviews and general best practices.

13. Survival Cache

This blog’s mission is to show you gear that will last for decades, not months. If you care about long-term reliability, their reviews are not to be missed.

14. Marine Approved

So many gear review sites lack the experience and perspective needed for proper reviews. Everyone on Marine Approved has served, and they bring that knowledge with them.

15. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft

If you are looking for the best reviews for high-quality bushcraft equipment, this blog is an unmissable survival resource.

16. R Seventy Two

R Seventy Two reviews survival gear from the perspective of a lightweight backpacking adventurer, providing a unique but very valuable point of view on survival resources.

17. American Survival Guide

Within the survivalist community, American Survival Guide is an institution. Over the years, their quality has only improved. Their blog is a must-read for any enthusiast.

18. Lyons Tactical

Not only is the writing on Lyons Tactical great, but they will never review equipment that they haven’t personally tested. For their thorough integrity, we highly recommend this blog as a survival resource.

19. Rogue Urban Tactical

Urban survivalist gear is a unique niche, but a very important scenario to consider. While this blog may not apply to all survivalists, they provide a fantastic cross-reference for gear reviews and guides.

20. Braun Tactical

By blending personal defense, tactical planning, and survival methodologies, the gear reviews on Braun Tactical are among the best in the industry. They consider every perspective and never overlook a flaw. They are a must-have on any survival websites list.

Disaster Prepping

Survival skills aren’t just for getting lost on the trail. The modern comforts that we take for granted are never guaranteed, and being prepared is always a good idea. Even if disaster doesn’t strike, many of the principles and lessons of “preppers” are ripe for adaptation to any survivalist mindset. Here are the best blogs we found on the topic.

21. The Prepper Website

Their name is to the point, but so is their information. While the front page won’t be winning any design awards, this site offers a vast trove of excellent information related to personal protection, food storage, and disaster preparedness.

22. Armageddon Online

Unfortunately, this site maintains the “doomsday” tone of a lot of prepper blogs, but that goes with the territory. Regardless of your apprehension level, there is a lot of solid practical information here that makes this blog worth the read.

23. The Apartment Prepper

Finding new perspectives in the preparedness community can be challenging, and many blogs assume that everyone lives on a farm hundreds of miles from civilization. The Apartment Prepper gives advice for all walks of life and finally acknowledges that we can’t all grow pigs in our backyard.

24. Survivalist Boards

Unlike many of the other sites on this list, the Survivalist Boards is a community-run message board, not a traditional blog. However, despite the information being less curated and organized, this is an incredibly powerful resource that is worth becoming a member of.

25. The Berkey Guy

As you would expect from the name, this blog started as a water filtration resource. As the blog has grown, it has branched into a variety of preparedness niches, including recipes and overall health concepts. It may be about more than water, but it’s still refreshing.

26. Rural Revolution

Although the writing on this blog can be startlingly unapologetic, this is a fantastic resource for budget-oriented preparation ideas.

27. Doom and Bloom

This is a wonderfully lighthearted blog that still provides excellent and life-saving information. With its focus on agriculture and natural medicine, this isn’t a blog to overlook.

28. Off Grid Survival

Many people desire to become less reliant on the infrastructure of their country, making the off-grid lifestyle appealing. Off-Grid Survival offers practical off-grid gear reviews, ideas, and techniques that are useful in everyday life and survival situations alike.

29. Preparedness Advice

Offering advice for planning or reacting with what you have on hand, this is an imminently practical resource with hundreds of great articles.

30. Survival and Prosperity

Survival and Prosperity not only teaches you how to survive, it teaches you how to thrive. After all, the arrival of doomsday shouldn’t mean you can’t have a chocolate cake now and then.

Firearms and Other Weaponry

Whether used as a hobby for hunting or for personal protection for you and your family, firearms or other weaponry are a cornerstone to the preparedness idea. Focusing on both guns, bows, and improvised weaponry, here are some of the best resources for keeping yourself well fed and well protected.

31. Springfield Armory

Named to honor George Washington’s famous 1777 armory, this blog provides information on classic and modern weaponry alike. With a combination of reviews, tutorials, and opinion pieces, this blog is a must-read for any enthusiast.

32. The Firearm Blog

This is a well-researched blog with impeccable writing that is never afraid to tackle difficult topics. Whenever I need information on ammunition, this is my first place to look.

33. Gun Digest

Founded in 1944, this publication has staying power for a reason. With a broad variety of gun-related topics, this blog is as fun as it is informative.

34. Silencer Co Blog

An entire blog devoted to silencers? Well, yes! Although it may seem overly niche, having effective and low-volume firepower can be crucial in survival situations. If you need to know anything about silencers, here’s where you find it.

35. Accurate Shooter

With over 2,000 pages of content, there is no shortage of information on this blog. They carry a particular focus on reloading and gun rebuilding in the field, both of which are valuable skills in a disaster situation.

36. Fat of the Land

Sure, the name is a little odd. However, the knowledge is on point. This blog focuses on a commonly under-estimated concepts: how to use meat from hunting safely and effectively. Although they do discuss broader hunting and firearms topics, the focus on humane and sustainable hunting is a winner here.

37. Pew Pew Tactical

Despite the funny name, this blog tackles a lot of serious topics. From proper gun safety to gun policy reform, this blog run by a biomedical engineer gives you the details you need. And no, it isn’t about wearing camouflage in church.

38. The Range 702

Although this blog is a little light on technique and technical information, their gear reviews are top-notch. Looking for a new holster or sight? This is the place.

39. The Liberal Gun Club

The name here may cause some people to turn their noses up and look the other way, and that’s a shame. This blog teaches a sustainable and responsible approach to weaponry ownership and hunting, and that makes it an ideal platform to learn about survivalist.

40. The Armory Blog

The Armory Blog was created with the goal of making necessary information fun to read. You can learn about dialing in your aim, but they’ll also teach you how to make a silencer out of a Twinkie. What’s not to love?


Camping is a corner-stone of survival, and light-hearted backpacking trips are where many people learn survival techniques in a safe and lighthearted environment. Whether you are venturing out to learn or just have fun, camping is a wonderful pastime that brings huge swaths of knowledge with it. Here are some of the best camping blogs for making the most of your time in nature.

41. 50 Campfires

This is considered the definitive camping blog by many enthusiasts, and I’m inclined to agree. With recipes, lessons, gear reviews, and campsite recommendations, this blog has it all.

42. REI Blog

Although REI is known primarily as a retail store, as a company they put a huge amount of effort into bettering the community as a whole. Their blog avoids the trap of being overly pushy in promoting their products, and provides fantastic information along with honest reviews.

43. Tent Living

Even if you aren’t searching for the latest survival resources, this blog is well worth the read. It is written by a woman who decided to forego the pressures of urban life and travel the world with her three children, living in a tent all the way. It is a unique perspective with tons of tips to be gleaned.

44. Cool of the Wild

Cool of the Wild is admittedly more “glamping” focused than many of the suggestions on this list. However, they provide solid and honest gear reviews in an easy to digest format.

45. Camping Tips

This camping blog emphasizes backpacking and survivalist over carcamping or campground-dwelling. It provides simple, practical, and easy to follow advice that is useful in both camping and survival situations.

46. Tents N Trees

Billed as an alternative to mainstream camping blogs, Tents N Trees focuses on providing camping “hacks.” Whether using tools in unexpected ways or foraging for materials your wouldn’t expect, this practical and creative approach is fantastic for a beginner looking to learn survival techniques.

47. Gear Hose

As a one-stop-shop for camping information, Gear Hose not only reviews the gear, but it teaches you how to use it. This blog is highly recommended whether you’re shopping for new gear or merely trying to learn.

48. Camping Know

Camping Know is designed for a true beginner. So many sites gloss over information because they deem it too “entry level.” However, you have to start somewhere, and Camping Know is great for that. Looking to learn the basics the right way? Look here.

49. Camping Zen

Camping Zen strives to be a reminder that camping is a relaxing gift, even if the situation turns hairy. A calm mind is a clear mind, and this site is a great place to learn how to count your blessings and keep your cool.

50. Bug Out RV

Just because you find yourself in a survival situation doesn’t mean you will necessarily be on foot. This blog provides survival tips for anyone traveling in an RV or other vehicle. There’s a lot of great information here for vandwellers and homesteaders alike.


There are countless survival-focused blogs in the world, and it is a constant challenge to know who to trust. Without thorough research, it is all too easy to be misled by blogs peddling poor or misleading information. Further, the best information is not always in the most obvious places. Survivalism is a holistic art that often combines ideas, equipment, and techniques from dozens of disciplines. Thus, compiling a list of blogs for survival equipment requires a unique perspective and a well-trained eye.

We are sure that many of these resources will become part of your daily rotation, as there is no shortage of information updated daily. However, we also fully realize there may be more. Let us know what you think of this list, and more importantly, share your own favorites with us. We are always looking to expand our knowledge base, and finding new blogs is a great method.