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Best Tenpoint Crossbow Round-up 2020

When you’re out there in the bush, it’s all about you and your weapon, and if you want to bring down game, it doesn’t hurt to have a crossbow that has a premium design.

When it comes to functionality and build quality, Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies has been leading the pack over the last few years. In fact, their unique crossbows are powerful and will easily fire your bolt quickly and accurately, sometimes, as fast as 410 feet per second.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the five best Tenpoint  crossbow models out there on the market today, and we’re also going to show you what to look for in one of their products.  Below is a summary of the models we will be looking at:

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Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro X Crossbow Package

The first product in our guide is the Carbon Nitro X. This crossbow weighs only about 19.5 pounds, so keeping it poised and ready to fire won’t be very fatiguing. Additionally, this is a very well-balanced crossbow that makes it feel very natural during the targeting process.

This is also a product that utilizes Tenpoint’s T5 trigger system, which is silent, easy to pull, and has some excellent safety features.

TenPoint Nitro X Elite Crossbow Package with Evo-X Marksman Scope, ACUdraw Pro, Stag Hard Case (CB18005-3493)

The package packs in an EVO-X Marksman Scope, which utilizes glass-etched reticles and a 14x magnification. Also, if you opt to go with the elite package, the crossbow comes with a hard crossbow case that will protect your weapon from the elements and rough environments.

For this product, Tenpoint has opted to ship it with the ACUdraw Pro cocking device. This is a crank-style cocking device that utilizes a very silent system for the cocking process. To ensure that the bow is cocked, you’ll only need about nine pounds of force, which is much lower than the 200-pound draw weight of the weapon.

At maximum force, this product has a 440 FPS rating, so it’s very fast when it comes to firing bolts at a target.


  • The product is whisper-quiet
  • The cocking mechanism makes it very easy to cock your bolt into position
  • The EVO-X Marksman Scope provides a 14x level of magnification


  • The bowstring has been known sometimes to snap
  • The string can also derail


Tenpoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package

There’s a reason why this product is called the “Stealth.” When it’s not being fired, the product is only six inches wide, so you can move very freely with it without running into issues with tight confines.

Despite this near-tiny profile, this bow can rocket bolts to a target at 410 feet per second. In total, the bow only weighs about 17 pounds, so utilizing it in the field will be very easy and won’t lead to much arm or shoulder fatigue.

TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package with Evo-X Marksman Scope, Quiver, Arrows, and ACUdraw PRO - Elite Package (CB18019-3493)

Another reason why this is considered a stealthy product is its ability to make very minimal noise; not only is the product whisper-quiet, but it also utilizes the ACUdraw Pro system, which uses a cranking system for cocking. While cranking, you’ll be significantly reducing the power needed to cock this nearly 220-pound draw weight bow. Also, while cocking, you’ll find that the ACUdraw system produces almost no noise at all.


  • You can get the STAG hard crossbow case with the elite package
  • This product is very quiet
  • It has a 410 feet per second speed
  • The scope has a 14x magnification


  • The drawstring can break easily


Tenpoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

For the value-conscious, this Titan M1 is a great, inexpensive option that will provide you with Tenpoint’s quality for less money. This is also a product that’s only nine inches wide, so it’s very maneuverable, even in tighter spaces.

TenPoint Titan M1, Rope-Sled, Pro-View Scope

It also allows you to choose whether or not you want the ACUdraw cocking system, which reduces the amount of power needed to cock the bow to five pounds.

This bow is powered by VX-5 cams that have an inverted design, which allows for more power on the shot. At its max potential, this bow can fire bolts at a velocity of 370 feet per second, and if you opt to go without the cocking mechanism, it has a draw weight of 180 pounds.

Like the first product we reviewed, this has a T5 trigger, so once again, you’ll be producing nearly zero sound with this bow during your hunting trips. This is also a very smooth and friction-free trigger system that has a few built-in concessions that will make accidentally firing the bow unlikely. This also comes packed in with an aluminum tube scope with multiple dots for range finding.


  • The bow only weighs 6.4 pounds
  • This is a minimal profile
  • It uses VX-5 inverted cams


  • The scope only allows for 3x magnification
  • It can’t be cocked from both sides


Tenpoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package

The Shadow NXT is a product that works well as a mid-range option insofar as pricing and feature set. When it comes to design and profile, this is a bow that only has a 6.5-inch wide design, so it’s great for tighter confines.

The stock is made of lightweight polyurethane material, and it also features an integrated sound-dampening system, so overall, this is a fairly silent bow to consider for those big game hunts. This component is also very ergonomic, so aiming will feel comfortable, and since the bow only weighs about 17 pounds, you’ll experience minimal fatigue.

Tenpoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package with Pro-View 2 Scope, Quiver, and Arrows (CB18018-5824), Black

It uses Tenpoint’s T5 trigger, so pulls are near-effortless and silent. This is also a bow that can come with an ACUdraw 50 cocking device. This cocking device cocks the crossbow via a rope and pulley system, so you’ll need to use the stirrup to cock the bow fully. Still, this feature makes cocking this 200-draw weight product simple and easy.


  • This product fires at 390 feet per second
  • It’s a very maneuverable bow
  • This is a silent bow


  • It only has a 3x magnification on the scope


Tenpoint Turbo M1 Crossbow Package

Our final product is the Turbo M1, and this is a crossbow with a great velocity that’s designed to be used ambidextrously. At its maximum speed, the bow can fire at 380 FPS, so it’s great for taking down larger prey animals.

It has a draw weight of 190 pounds, but it also can come with an ACUdraw Pro system, which is the crank-based version of the ACUdraw. This cocking system is very silent, and it can reduce the draw weight by as much as 50 percent.

TenPoint Turbo M1, ACUdraw Pro, Pro-View Scope

The bow assembly is only nine inches wide, so it’s very maneuverable in tighter areas. This is also a very lightweight crossbow, so keeping it trained on a target won’t be very fatiguing. Like other Tenpoint products of its type, it also includes an instant detach three-arrow quiver that will make reloading simple.


  • This has a hit speed of 380 FPS
  • It can include an optional cocking device
  • The cocking device is very quiet


  • The string tends to wear quickly


Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies Buyer’s Guide

Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies has been in operation since 2004, and the company was founded by Richard Bednar, who is the son of Hall of Famer in Archery, William Bednar. Over the years, the company has become an industry leader, and with technologies like their ACUdraw cocking devices and ACRA-ANGLE barrels enhancing the performance of their crossbows, it’s no surprise that you’ll find products produced by the company on many “best of” lists. Here are a few features to look out for:

Hit Speed

With any ranged bow weapon, you’ll want a reasonably fast foot per second, or FPS, rating. This rating will ensure that there is as little time possible between the firing of your bow and the strike.

When on the market for a crossbow, it’s easy to find crossbows that hit the 200 FPS, but some game will require a faster hit speed than that. For example, with elk, you’ll realistically need a bow that can fire faster than 300 FPS.

Fortunately, many Tenpoint products far exceed this speed. An excellent example of this would be the Venom Xtra, which is designed to fire at a rate of 372 feet per second, which will give even the fastest game very little time to respond.

The ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism

To get such high-speed performance, you’ll need a fairly high draw weight, and since these are designed for speed, it’s not surprising that some Tenpoint products have draw weights that will exceed 150 pounds.

With their patented ACUdraw PRO and ACUtorq mechanism, you can cock your bow with your bolt with relative ease; it uses a crank system for the heavy lifting, so you’ll be able to cock with relative ease.

The company also has an ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism as well. This variant on the ACUdraw system utilizes a rope-based tool that allows you to cock the arrow using a pulley. With this system, you will have to put your foot in the stirrup and pull upwards with the hooks. Overall, this makes it about 50 percent easier to cock your crossbow.

The Material

Gone are the days when crossbows are primarily made with just wood and metal materials. Today, many of the best bows are crafted using polypropylene or carbon fiber, and many of Tenpoint’s best bows are made using these in their construction. For example, with the Tenpoint Stealth NXT, the crossbow stock is made of a mixture of these two materials, and this makes the entire product more lightweight, so extended targeting won’t entirely be as fatiguing as it could be with less premium products.

When it comes to this type of material, which Tenpoint calls their C3 carbon material, not only is the experience of using the crossbow much lighter but when you’re hunting in cold environments, the stock itself will feel much warmer.

Scope Type

Regardless of all of the other unique technologies that you can find in a Tenpoint product, the scope is still going to be one of the most crucial.

Usually, there are four different scope types that you’ll encounter when you’re purchasing a crossbow. These include scopes with crosshairs, multiple reticles, single dots, or models with multiple dot reticles.

When you’re on the market for a product from Tenpoint or for products from any other crossbow manufacturer, selecting the best scope type will be absolutely crucial to your success. For this reason, before you settle on a particular scope, try to test out which seems to work with your shooting style.

A few models of scope that are available with some crossbows from Tenpoint might include:

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Most of the products produced by Tenpoint come with included scopes, but all are replaceable so that you can get the shooting profile that’s best for your hunting style.

Body Profile

When you’re out in the woods or sitting in a blind, it’s useful to have a crossbow that has a smaller profile so that you can carry it with ease through tighter environments.

For the most part, Tenpoint bows are explicitly designed to have very small wingspans, and many also can become much more compact when they are not drawn. For example, there are models out there that have as little as a six-inch undrawn width.

Trigger Design

When it’s time to fire, you want the most comfortable firing performance that won’t experience snags or a lack of safety. For this reason, many of the Tenpoint products that are currently on the market have a trigger design that’s designed for a smooth level of action and has an auto-engaging safety, which can prevent injury.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with a Tenpoint crossbow. The products that have been reviewed in this guide are all top-notch, and they are all able to provide a high level of accuracy and quiet operation.

If we were to pick a single winner, it would be the TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package. This crossbow is designed specifically to produce almost no sound, and it has a very small profile, so cocking from a blind or bringing it to bear for a quick shot should be no issue.

It also has a very easy to crank ACUdraw system, and they even included the fantastic EVO-X Marksman Scope.

TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package with Evo-X Marksman Scope, Quiver, Arrows, and ACUdraw PRO - Elite Package (CB18019-3493)
  • Crossbow: at 6-inches wide and shooting up to 410 feet-per-second, the stealth NXT is the perfect combination of width, speed, and accuracy
  • Evo-X Marksman Scope: The most accurate scope, it is outfitted with quick-detach scope rings, a bubble level, and high-quality flip-up scope caps; An infinite-position rheostat controls the light intensity of red and green illuminated crosshairs
  • Quiver: 3-Arrow instant detach quiver; ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket; Elite package includes TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case
  • Arrows: Three Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • Cocking mechanism: completely silent, and fully integrated into the stock, the new ACUdraw pro converts crossbow draw weights to 5-pounds of effort; only requires 12 cranks

Last update on 2020-10-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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