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Best TenPoint Crossbow Reviews – Updated 2021

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When you’re out there in the bush crossbow hunting, it’s all about you and your weapon, and if you want to bring down game, it doesn’t hurt to have a product that has a premium design.

When it comes to functionality and build quality, Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies has been leading the pack over the last few years. In fact, their unique crossbows are powerful and will easily fire your bolt quickly and accurately, sometimes, as fast as 410 feet per second.

In this Tenpoint crossbow review guide, we’re going to show you the five best Tenpoint crossbow models out there on the market today.  Below is a summary of the models we will be looking at:

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Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow Package with ACUslide

The Vapor RS470 is one of the flagships of the TenPoint lineup, and it represents the name admirably. The specifications of this Tenpoint crossbow are almost unbelievable. By packaging a hugely powerful bow into a deceptively compact package, the Vapor RS470 represents a very unique combination of power and stealth.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow Package with ACUslide

As the name suggests, the Tenpoint crossbows RS470 can fire at a top-of-the-line 470 feet per second. We independently verified this claim, and that level of speed puts this among the fastest bows we’ve ever tested.

Traditionally, such a powerful bow would require a bulky frame and wide cross-section. By using a combination of composites and aluminum alloys for the main chassis, the Vapor RS470 weighs a scant 7.6 pounds. And by employing TenPoint’s unique reverse-draw mechanism, this unit is only 6.5″ axle-to-axle when cocked. This is by far the most effortless high-power crossbow I have ever used.

Throughout testing, the combination of low-draw weight, an almost frictionless rail, and a featherweight trigger action made this a joy. It’s an investment for sure, but you won’t find a better option on the market.


  • Extremely high rate of fire
  • Very durable, with a string life of over 1,300 shots
  • Micro-trac barrel leads to almost silent firing


  • The cost is considerable


TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package with Rangemaster Pro Scope

Although the Vapor RS470 is an unquestionably impressive crossbow, not everyone requires such a no-holds-barred devotion to compactness. For hunters looking for an equally effective crossbow with a slightly more traditional ergonomic arrangement, the Stealth NXT is a superb option. This is a Tenpoint crossbow designed specifically for long-range hunting, and it has a design and feature set that makes it an unparalleled choice.

TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package with Rangemaster Pro Scope, Quiver, Arrows, and ACUdraw PRO (CB18019-3813), Multi, One Size

The overall dimensions of the Tenpoint crossbows Stealth NXT are still impressively compact. It retains the 6″ width due to the reverse-draw arrangement, but the frame itself is longer. Many hunters prefer these proportions, as a longer frame can lead to a more stable grip in precarious situations. With a 410 feet per second firing speed, this crossbow will have the power to cleanly take down any game you could reasonably throw at it. Yet, this isn’t simply a matter of speed. The highlight of this crossbow is how beautifully equipped it is, especially given its approachable cost.

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Stealth is the scope. TenPoint included a RangeMaster Pro 8.25 scope that incorporates variable speed and arrow-drop compensation measures. It’s a 5-dot model with calibrations set for increments from 20 to 60 yards. This is a surprisingly premium scope, and simply purchasing it alone would cost a large portion of the price of this crossbow.

Another impressive inclusion is the ACU-Draw cranking system. This crank-draw mechanism is beautifully smooth and silent in operation and takes the exertion out of the cocking process. Depending on the specific package you choose, there are three different cranking systems possible, but they are all top-notch units. Overall, the Stealth NXT is a feature-packed unit at a great price. It’s a perfect choice for any avid hunter.


  • Excellent value for a highly-optioned unit
  • Highly ergonomic
  • Very respectable firing rate


  • Case only included with premium package
  • Light-colored camouflage isn’t the best for all environments


TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow Package

One of the hallmarks of TenPoint crossbows design is that they understand that a small change can make a marked impact. Thus, attempting to list “the best” TenPoint model is somewhat of a fool’s errand. TenPoint designs each of their models with a specific purpose and preference in mind.

TenPoint Nitro X Elite Crossbow Package with Evo-X Marksman Scope, ACUdraw Pro, Stag Hard Case (CB18005-3493)

The Nitro X was released by TenPoint crossbows as a slightly experimental design. However, it has quickly garnered a huge amount of favor in the community. Traditionally, crossbows were necessarily unbalanced machines. The early mechanisms made crossbows extremely front-heavy, leading to fatigue and difficult aiming. With the Nitro X, TenPoint employed their standard – and already well-balanced – reverse draw design, but shifted the riser backward past the center-line of the bow. This resulted in a bow that has an almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

Aiming and firing the Nitro X is a unique experience. At first, I naturally aimed too high because I was used to compensating for a nose-heavy balance. However, I was able to quickly adjust to the neutral balance of this bow and quickly fell in love. It’s light, agile, and feels almost telepathic when you aim it. It shows that crossbows don’t have to be clunky.

Beyond the tweaks to the balance-point, this is a similar weapon to the Tenpoint crossbows Stealth NXT, meaning it is equally well equipped with comparably impressive performance. As an evolution to an already great crossbow, this is a unique but fantastic choice.


  • Perfectly balanced
  • 440 feet per second firing rate
  • Effortless firing


  • Slight learning curve with aiming


Tenpoint Vengent S440 440 FPS ACUslide Crossbow Ready to Hunt Bundle

Buying a bow and some bolts is obvious, but what about rail lube? A quiver? String wax? It can become an intimidating list if you are not careful. I have often yearned for a one-stop option to circumvent this problem, and thankfully one now exists. The TenPoint Vengent S440 “Ready to Hunt” bundle is the most comprehensive package I’ve ever encountered.

TenPoint Vengent S440, ACUslide, Rangemaster Pro Scope, Blazer Soft Case

The Tenpoint crossbows Vengent S440 is a well-known and highly acclaimed model. It’s lightweight, compact, and extremely beginner-friendly. Between its Micro-Trac Barrel and S1 Trigger, it is also a notably silent crossbow – an important consideration for most hunting. Yet, we’ve spoken about the S440 before, and proclaiming its excellence is news to no one. The focus here is on the package overall. This is a truly comprehensive kit that includes six bolts, a three-pack of Wicked Ridge EVO-X CenterPunch Broadheads, lube for the strings and rail, a sling, and a carrying case. They even included a TenPoint hat as a final touch!

Whether you’re getting into crossbows for the first time or getting back into them after a hiatus, this is a fantastic option that reduces the stress and annoyance of assembling your gear piecemeal. It’s also a fantastic gift option for any aspiring bow hunters in your life. It’s great gear, in a great package, for a great price.


  • Truly comprehensive kit
  • Top-quality equipment
  • The Vengent S440 is easy to use but extremely effective


  • The case is somewhat bulkier than needed


Tenpoint Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow Package

Given how many range-topping models that TenPoint crossbow produce, it can be easy to forget that they also make some of the best beginner options as well. The Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 is designed as the perfect segue into crossbow hunting. It is easy enough to use that a child can easily acclimate, but it is still an impressive and high-quality weapon. Unlike so many other “entry-level” cross-bows, this will never be mistaken for a toy.

Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow with ACU-52, Multi-Line Scope, Package

With a 330 feet per second firing rate, this TenPoint crossbows predictably a little less potent than its bigger brothers. However, this is still plenty of power for most small-game hunting tasks. Further, this lower speed translates to a lighter weapon that is easier to cock. Weighing only 5.8 pounds with a very approachable 150-pound draw weight, a smaller person or child can handle this crossbow safely and predictably. TenPoint struck the perfect balance between power and ease.

As with other TenPoint crossbow models, it is a well-equipped kit. They included a quiver, arrows, and a rope-cocking device. For such a high-quality unit, it is also a great value. As an entry into the sport, or as a more casual option for hunting, this is a truly enjoyable crossbow.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great balance of power and approachability
  • Same great quality as higher-end TenPoint models


  • Not suitable for large game
  • No standard crank-cocking device


Tenpoint Turbo M1 Crossbow Package

The Tenpoint Crossbows Turbo M1, and this is a crossbow with a great velocity that’s designed to be used ambidextrously. At its maximum speed, the bow can fire at 380 feet per second, so it’s great for taking down larger prey animals.

It has a draw weight of 190 pounds, but it also can come with an ACUdraw Pro system, which is the crank-based version of the ACUdraw. This cocking system is very silent, and it can reduce the draw weight by as much as 50 percent.

TenPoint Turbo M1, ACUdraw Pro, Pro-View Scope

The Tenpoint crossbow assembly is only nine inches wide, so it’s very maneuverable in tighter areas. This is also a very lightweight crossbow, so keeping it trained on a target won’t be very fatiguing. Like other Tenpoint products of its type, it also includes an instant detach three-arrow quiver that will make reloading simple.


  • This has a hit speed of 380 feet per second
  • It can include an optional cocking device
  • The cocking device is very quiet


  • The string tends to wear quickly


Tenpoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

For the value-conscious, this Tenpoint crossbow Titan M1 is a great, inexpensive option that will provide you with Tenpoint’s quality for less money. This is also a product that’s only nine inches wide, so it’s very maneuverable, even in tighter spaces.

TenPoint Titan M1, Rope-Sled, Pro-View Scope

It also allows you to choose whether or not you want the ACUdraw cocking system, which reduces the amount of power needed to cock the bow to five pounds.

This bow is powered by VX-5 cams that have an inverted design, which allows for more power on the shot. At its max potential, this bow can fire bolts at a velocity of 370 feet per second, and if you opt to go without the cocking mechanism, it has a draw weight of 180 pounds.

This Tenpoint crossbow has a T5 trigger, so once again, you’ll be producing nearly zero sound with this bow during your hunting trips. This is also a very smooth and friction-free trigger system that has a few built-in concessions that will make accidentally firing the bow unlikely. This also comes packed in with an aluminum tube scope with multiple dots for range finding.


  • The bow only weighs 6.4 pounds
  • This is a minimal profile
  • It uses VX-5 inverted cams


  • The scope only allows for 3x magnification
  • It can’t be cocked from both sides


Tenpoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package

The Shadow NXT is a product that works well as a mid-range option insofar as pricing and feature set. When it comes to design and profile, this is a bow that only has a 6.5-inch wide design, so it’s great for tighter confines.

The stock is made of lightweight polyurethane material, and it also features an integrated sound-dampening system, so overall, this is a fairly silent bow to consider for those big game hunts. This component is also very ergonomic, so aiming will feel comfortable, and since the bow only weighs about 17 pounds, you’ll experience minimal fatigue.

TenPoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package with Pro-View 2 Scope, Quiver, and Arrows (CB18018-5824), Black

It uses Tenpoint’s T5 trigger, so pulls are near-effortless and silent. This is also a bow that can come with an ACUdraw 50 cocking device. This cocking device cocks the crossbow via a rope and pulley system, so you’ll need to use the stirrup to cock the bow fully. Still, this feature makes cocking this 200-draw weight product simple and easy.


  • This product fires at 390 feet per second
  • It’s a very maneuverable bow
  • This is a silent bow


  • It only has a 3x magnification on the scope


About Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies

Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies has been in operation since 2004, and the company was founded by Richard Bednar, who is the son of Hall of Famer in Archery, William Bednar. Over the years, the company, Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies has become an industry leader, and with technologies like their ACUdraw cocking devices and ACRA-ANGLE barrels enhancing the performance of their crossbows, it’s no surprise that you’ll find products produced by the company on many “best of” lists.

A Few Scopes To Consider

Last update on 2021-09-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Most of the products produced by Tenpoint come with included scopes, but all are replaceable so that you can get the shooting profile that’s best for your hunting style.


As mentioned before, this TenPoint Crossbow Technologies comparison was never intended to be a way of highlighting the best single TenPoint Crossbow. Each model they produce fulfills a role, and the best option for you is going to always depend on your situation. However, throughout the testing process for this crossbow review, it is natural that we develop certain favorites. Within this TenPoint crossbow review, the TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow Package with ACUslide universally won our admiration. TenPoint produced a truly new and innovative crossbow. It is an effortless and breathtaking crossbow to experience, making it the winner of this roundup and great for crossbow hunting.

Last update on 2021-09-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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