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Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow Review

Whether you are looking for a crossbow to hunt small game or something that is suitable for bear, deer, and moose hunting, the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow is a great option to consider. It has been named one of the most versatile crossbows, so if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this is a great comfortable crossbow to try.

Side profile of the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow by Tenpoint

In this guide, we are going to take a look at this specific crossbow in a more in-depth manner as well as compare it to a few similar options that you can find on the market which are listed at the end of this article. There is also a newer model, the TenPoint Invader X4 Crossbow package with multi-line scope, quiver and arrows which you can read about here.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Crossbow

Before you purchase your first crossbow, there are going to be several things that you need to consider. Some of the most important considerations include:

What the Crossbow will be Used for?

A crossbow can be purchased for hunting or for target practice. The size and the weight of the crossbow that you purchase will change based upon your main use for the bow. Will you want a recurve bow or a compound bow?

A compound bow can be easier to cock, which means that hunting with limited time to aim can be easier with this type of bow. They will also have more speed to their shots, so you will be able to kill your target quickly.

The Weight

Typically, the heavier your crossbow is, the easier it is to keep steady as you shoot. This can be great if you are hunting in a set location, but if you plan on hiking while you’re hunting, the extra weight may be too much to bear. In addition, the draw weight is also something that you must consider.

You will also want to make sure that the crossbow that you choose fits your body. A crossbow that is too large for your body type will be difficult to carry, steady, and shoot.

The Noise

Keeping the noise that your bow creates while you are hunting to a minimum can be crucial. Some crossbows have parallel limbs which tend to be quieter so if you are choosing a crossbow mainly for hunting, you will want to find one that will not scare away your prey.

Scopes and Sights

A scope and the sights that come with a new crossbow are going to vary quite a bit, but these are essential accessories to make sure that you can hit your target. If the sight is not to your liking, it can always be replaced without much effort. However, if you can find a crossbow that already has the scopes and sights that you need, you will be ready to take your bowhunting right out of the box.

Budget Concerns

A crossbow can vary quite a bit in price; in fact, while you can get a budget-friendly bow for a few hundred dollars, top-of-the-line crossbows can cost you more than two grand! Regardless of the price of the bow you select, make sure that you check to see the details of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Not all crossbows will have a great warranty included with the purchase, but if you are spending two grand on one of these bows, then having a good warranty to cover the cost of any repairs is only going to be beneficial.

Presenting the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow

The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow is a complete makeover of the original version of the Invader HP. It is designed to be one of the safest, latest, and easiest to use crossbows at this price range. This is an excellent bow for hunters who are looking for an option, and it does not require them to add additional accessories. It is a lightweight option that has the speed and accuracy that will help you hit your target every time that you go hunting with this crossbow.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 ACUdraw angled profile

Technical Specs

  • 330 Feet-Per-Second
  • 165 LB. Draw Weight
  • 97 FP Kinetic Energy
  • 6.6 LB. Bow Weight
  • 19″ Axle-to-Axle (cocked)
  • 13.5″ Power Stroke
  • 37.75″ Long

Package Includes

  • TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope
  • ACU-52 Integrated,
  • Self-Retracting Rope-Cocking System
  • Wicked Ridge Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver
  • 3 Wicked Ridge Carbon Arrows


  • It is a very lightweight crossbow that is easy to hold and handle while shooting
  • This crossbow is very easy to assemble; in fact, it only takes a few minutes of time
  • It has a comfortable grip that makes it easy to shoot from any distance
  • The accuracy level of this crossbow is great, especially when you are aiming for a target that is relatively close
  • This crossbow is very easy to cock, especially with the cocking device that is included in the packaging
  • Made in the USA
  • The Invader G3 is easy to sight


  • This crossbow can be very loud when it is shot but this is subjective and a set of noise dampeners can be added
  • Some but not all say that the scope quality could be better on this crossbow
  • Does not come with a protective case


Features and Benefits of the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow

High-Quality Design

This is a crossbow that has a very durable design. In fact, the design of the stock is roughly about 60 percent stronger than most of its competitors. It is designed with thermal stability as well as the ability to absorb vibrations when you take a shot.

To help eliminate finger pinches, this crossbow it’s designed with an angled barrel as well, which will help your shots be more accurate. In addition to the durability of the stock, the string that comes with this crossbow has one of the longest life expectancies that you can find in the industry.

Top view of the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow product image


Great Optics

Since you will most likely be using this crossbow for hunting, you are going to need a sound optics system so that you can see your target easily. This product is designed with a fully coated scope that will provide you with a larger view of about 15 percent more than similar products on the market. The scope is designed with multiple aim points and is easy to sight so that you never miss a shot. There are crosshairs on the scope at 20, 30, and 40 yards.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow scope close up

In addition, this scope has a waterproof design that will allow you to easily hunt in the rain. However, one of the main issues with the scope is that it’s challenging to see your target in the rain because the illumination is not as bright as it should be. If you use the scope before dawn or in misty conditions, the optics can easily fog up, which can greatly compromise the quality of the image that you are looking at.

User Comfort

When taking a shot with this crossbow, your comfort as the user is very important. Since this is a lightweight crossbow that only weighs about 6.6 lb, it is easy for most individuals to use.

The frame of this crossbow uses a semi-skeletal design that helps increase the weight reduction of the product. The width of this crossbow is only about 19 inches, which means that shooting in a tight space can still be done with ease.

Powerful Cocking Device and Trigger

This product uses an ACU-52 cocking device, which is a self-retracting rope cocking system. It is designed to reduce the draw weight by about half, which means that the 165-pound draw will become only about 80 pounds.

Hunting man using the ACU draw cocking device to load his crossbow

This is much more manageable for many archers. The trigger of this crossbow is a three and a half pound option that is designed to have a zero percent failure rate. When the trigger is pulled, there is an auto-safety feature that you can use that will also lock into place. This safety valve must be disengaged manually so that you can fire a shot.


Noise Suppression

Even though this crossbow does not have any designated noise suppression systems, it is a relatively quiet product that will not make much noise when fired. There is a small click that can be heard, and it may even startle some prey, but overall, the shots from the bow are not that loud. If the strings feel too loud when you take a shot, you can invest in noise reduction to stop the strings during the point of release.

There are also suppressors that are designed for the frame of this crossbow as well as the limbs, which will help reduce the vibration that you feel when you take a shot.

Easy to Assemble

Assembly of this crossbow is straightforward. In fact, it will only take four steps to set up and be ready to take aim at your target.

This simple process can be done before you go out hunting, but it will only take a few seconds to do in the field if you forget. Once you attach the cable saver to the cable, just position the burst string on the top of the barrel’s deck. Pull the entire set up towards the riser location and lock it in place.

Take a look at this video on how to assemble the bow.

What Others Are Saying About The Invader G3

After scouring the internet and searching for reviews from other crossbow users who have tried this specific crossbow, we have found quite a few positive reviews. Here are a few of the testimonials that we found across the web:

“Great starter crossbow with the power to take a deer. Extremely accurate and fun to shoot with!”

“At 50 yards its deadly accurate”

“The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is a great bow for young or old and experienced or inexperienced shooters alike”

“Hands down the best crossbow you can buy in the price range – very happy with my purchase.”


Alternative Crossbows to Consider

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Read our full review of the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 Crossbow.

Read our full review of Horton Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow.

Final Thoughts

If you need a crossbow that comes with great accessories, then the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow is a great option to consider.

It is designed to hunt any size of animal, it is comfortable to use, and it has excellent built-in optics that can help increase the accuracy of your shots. If you are still unsure that this is the best product for your needs, then check it out for yourself so that you can see for yourself how great it really is!

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package with 3x Multi-Line Scope, 3 Carbon Arrows, and Quiver
  • BEST OF THE BEST: Invader G3 is the safest, lightest, narrowest, and fastest Wicked Ridge Invader model to date
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE from Ten Point's Wicked Ridge pairs their revolutionary Invader G3 Crossbow with the GEAR YOU NEED FOR HUNTING SUCCESS, no extra accessories to track down, it's all in the box, READY TO ROCK
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Wicked Ridge G3 Crossbow, TenPoint 3X Multi-Line Scope, ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism, Wicked Ridge Instant-Detach 3-Arrow Quiver, and (3) Wicked Ridge 400-grain Carbon Arrows with 100-grain Practice Tips
  • ALL THE SPECS: LENGTH (with stirrup)-37.75 inches; AXLE-TO-AXLE WIDTH (uncocked/cocked)-22.6 inches/19 inches; POWER STROKE-13.5 inches; WEIGHT (without accessories)-6.6 lbs; DRAW WEIGHT-165 lbs; SPEED-330 FPS, 96 FP KE
  • ACUdraw COCKING MECHANISM: Integrated self-retracting rope cocking device that REDUCES DRAW WEIGHT by 50%

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If you’re looking for the TenPoint Invader X4 Crossbow then take a look here:

Wicked Ridge Invader X4 Crossbow Package with Multi-Line Scope, Quiver, Arrows, and ACUdraw (WR18005-5532)
  • Crossbow: new, speed-inspired 4s cams shoot a blazing 360 feet-per second; narrow 15-inches wide; built for pin-point accuracy; one of the lightest crossbows on the market at only 6.3-pounds
  • Multi-Line scope: only 8.5-inches Long, this compact scope features fully coated 3x optics and three duplex crosshairs calibrated for 20-, 30-, and 40-yards and a fourth partial line for 50-yard shots
  • Quiver: Wicked ridge instant-detach 3-arrow quiver
  • Cocking mechanism: ACUdraw integrated self-retracting rope cocking device that reduces draw weight by 50%
  • Arrows: Three aluminum arrows with practice points. Department - unisex-adult. Included Components - Invader X4 with Crossbow Package with Multi-Line Scope, Quiver, Arrows, and ACUdraw. Material - Aluminum. Style Name - W/Acudraw.

Last update on 2021-01-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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