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Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 Crossbow Review

Are you looking for a great crossbow to try out when you go hunting this fall? Well, the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 is a great option to consider. What makes it so great? In this guide, we are going to take a more in-depth look at its design so that you can decide if it is right for you or not.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Crossbow

When you are looking into purchasing a crossbow for your needs, it is important to consider which features you want it to have. Some of the more important considerations include:  

Reason for the Crossbow – Are you looking to practice your shot with this crossbow, or do you plan on taking it hunting with you so that you can get in some real-life target practice on animals that you encounter? The answer to that question may help you decide which type of bow you want and if you want your bolts to have enough speed to kill the target that you are aiming at.  

The Noise Level – If you are looking for a crossbow that’s designed for hunting, then you’re going to want to find one that does not make a lot of noise when you cock it, as well as when you shoot it. If the crossbow makes too much noise when you’re in the field, you’re likely to scare away your prey. It’ll be beneficial to you to look for a crossbow that has parallel limbs that will reduce the sound of your weapon when it’s fired.

The Magnification of the ScopeWhen you’re looking for a new crossbow, you are going to need to find one that has the ability for you to see for quite a distance. In fact, the more magnification levels that a scope has, the easier it will be to sneak up on your prey without being noticed.   Most of the crossbows that you find on the market will come with a scope, but it may not be ideal for your hunting needs. Additional scopes can be added once you have found your ideal crossbow.

The Weight – Not all crossbows are created equally, so if you are a smaller individual, you may not be able to handle holding a larger model as well.   You want to be able to get a steady shot when you need it, so having the right amount of weight is important. If you plan to move while you are hunting, any additional weight could prevent you from doing so.

Presenting the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 Crossbow

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 is a great crossbow that’s designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It is only about 6.4 pounds, and it comes with all stainless steel components that will be able to endure any type of weather.  

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows

The bow attains 350 feet per second, which will give it plenty of power when it pierces your target. The scope is decent on this crossbow, and the camouflage design will be ideal for staying hidden in the woods.


  • 350 FPS
  • 150-pound draw weight
  • 103 foot-pounds of kinetic energy
  • 6.4 pounds of overall weight
  • 34.25 inches long
  • 18.25 inches wide


  • A 4×32 scope
  • Rope cocking device
  • A lightweight quiver
  • Two headhunter arrows (20 inches in length)
  • Lube wax


  • This is a lightweight crossbow that is very simple to use
  • The quality of this bow is impressive and well constructed
  • It is an easy crossbow to assemble and should only take a few minutes
  • The price of this crossbow makes it very affordable
  • It is a powerful crossbow that is great for hunting


  • It can be difficult to cock without using the cocking device that is provided
  • Some think that the scope could be better
  • It can be slightly uncomfortable for a smaller individual
  • The dry-fire protection does not allow you to uncock the crossbow without firing it

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Features and Benefits

This is a great crossbow that can easily be purchased for an affordable price. Even though it comes with a low price point, it does not skimp on quality or features. Here are some that may catch your eye.      

Build Quality and Design

This is a quality crossbow that you can get right out of the box. It is designed to have a 16-inch width that is measured from axle-to-axle. It is a mere 6.4 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest full-sized crossbows that are available on the market. This makes it very easy to handle, regardless of your size.

It’s designed with all stainless steel components, which will ensure better bad weather resistance and last for years to come. It won’t rust easily in the rain, and it will still be lightweight and easy to use. Many shooters really like the design of the trigger because it is easy to use and, it has a three-pound release that has zero creep. Take a look at this video for a detailed explanation of the TriggerTech technology.

It is also designed with a high definition camouflage pattern that’s attractive and makes it easier to stay hidden outdoors.

Shooting Speed

Of course, this is not the most powerful crossbow that you can find on the market. However, it is an option that can easily shoot 350 fps with 103 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.  

Because of its lightweight form, the bow is very easy to hold and keep balanced when you are out hunting. This is a great crossbow that is often considered to be deadly because the center of balance is closer to the shooter than the end of the bow. This can help you improve your accuracy when you hunt as well.  


Many people tend to dread the assembly that crossbows require, but this one is much easier to manage, and it will only take about 10 minutes of your time.

To start, you will need to attach the riser to the rail of the crossbow. You will also need to connect the stock, so make sure that all of your strings are positioned properly. They will click into place; however, they should be secured with a hex bolt or two to keep the crossbow components in place. Attach the quiver and the stirrup, and you are done.  


When you purchase anything new, you are going to want to know what type of accessories come with the purchase. In general, you are going to get what you need to use the crossbow right out of the box, but the quality of the gear that you find may not be ideal for your needs.  

Some accessories that come with this crossbow include:

Quiver and Bolts

One of the features that many people seem to like is the fact that the quiver on this crossbow can easily be detached and reattached at any time. This quiver is designed to hold three arrows at a time, so you will always have the option of making extra shots when you need.

In addition, to this quiver, the company, which is Barnett, has included three headhunter arrows to fill the quiver. The included bolts are all 20 inches long, and they are made from carbon. In total, they weigh about 400 grains, which will add about 100 foot-pounds to the kinetic energy that this crossbow creates when it is fired. This is a crossbow that also comes with a decocking bolt.

Since the crossbow needs to be fired to disable the anti-dry fire system, you will need to fire something. This bolt is designed to be heavy duty so that it can get the job done, and it has a glow-in-the-dark feature that makes it easier to see at night.

Cocking Device

Not all crossbows come with an easy way to cock the device, but this one does come with a rope cocking device that is easy to use. It’s also designed to help increase the accuracy of your shots the more you use it. A smaller individual may have difficulties cocking a crossbow, but the fact that this crossbow comes with a cocking rope makes it a lot easier to manage.      


One of the most important features we found and many people have said is a great addition to this crossbow is the built-in scope. Some people do not like the quality of the scope because it is slightly blurry when zoomed, but it is actually a decent scope that is similar to those that can be found on higher tiered crossbows.

The scope is designed to sit on a Picatinny rail, which makes it easy to be swapped out and changed at any time. Because you get a good quality scope with the purchase of your new crossbow, you may find that you don’t have to worry about replacing it right away. If you already have a scope that you know and love for hunting, it will be really simple to switch the scopes to the one that you like.

Anti-Dry Fire

This is a safety feature that will keep you safe as you are hunting as well as offer additional protection to the crossbow. Hunting is a fun activity to partake in, but it is important to remain safe when you have an armed weapon in your hands.

This will prevent you from firing when you are not ready, and once you cock the bow, you will be required to fire something before you set down the crossbow in a cocked and ready to be fired position.

What Others Are Saying About The Whitetail Hunter

During our search for a new crossbow, We scoured the web to find a great option that works for our hunting needs.   When we came across the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2, we found that it had some great reviews in general, that held the crossbow in high regard. Let’s take a look at a few of the more positive testimonials that we encountered during our search.    

“Love it! Very impressed with the quality and it’s pricepoint!”

“I cannot believe how accurate and consistent this is at 30 yards. Took my first dear at 29 yards and it went 60 yards and expired. Great product and innexpensive.”

“This isn’t the nicest or most expensive xbow out there, but great for a first timer. Pretty much sighted in out of the box (very little adjustment).”

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a crossbow that is ideal for hunting, then the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 is a crossbow that is worth your consideration. It is lightweight and easy to use, it does not require much effort to cock, and it comes with a scope that will help you reach your target with ease.

If you are not sure if this is the right crossbow for your needs, then check it out for yourself to find out more and see how it feels in your hands.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows
270 Reviews
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows
  • 350 feet per second. Draw weight: 150 lbs Kinetic energy: 103 ft lbs. Realtree Extra Camo
  • Overall weight 6.4 lbs | axle to axle 16.125" | dimensions 34.25"L x 18.25"W
  • Made in the USA and ships mostly assembled; 12.5 Power Stroke (in)
  • Trigger Tech Technology with 3lb zero-creep release. All stainless steel components. Nock sensor and adf eliminate dry fires
  • Includes: 4x32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver, two 20 inch Headhunter arrows, lube wax (we suggest you lube strings every 10 shots)

Last update on 2020-06-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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