Best Tactical Backpack : 72hr Survival Bug-out Bag Review

If you’re looking for a backpack to take hiking with you, to carry your survival items when you go hunting, or to simply use in …

If you’re looking for a backpack to take hiking with you, to carry your survival items when you go hunting, or to simply use in an outdoor environment, a backpack of this type is going to be a great item that you can use in most all situations as well as for every day carry.  

In general, tactical gear is also a great option that can be used by military personnel and rescue workers because they are bags that are designed to be durable, so your bag will not rip easily if it happens to fall.  

In this guide, we are going to look at five of the best tactical backpack options that you can consider, as well as take a look at these types of backpacks in a little more detail.

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Best Tactical Backpack Reviews

5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack

The first pack that we are going to review is one that is designed with a lot of space. It’s made with several different compartments that have zipper pockets inside of them that will make it simple to separate your gear when you need.

5.11Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 55 Liter Large, Style 58602

There is also an additional compartment between the main part of the bag and the front that’s large enough to store a jacket or a bicycle helmet easily. There is a rear hydration compartment that you can use to store your water, and it’s even fitted with a straw that will make it more convenient to get a drink. Since this is designed to be a military bag, it is made from a nylon material that has 1,000 deniers. The back of the pack is also designed with a MOLLE system that you can use for most things. The shoulder straps are designed to be comfortable as you wear them, so they are padded, and there is even a waist strap that you can use as well to help balance the weight.  


  • It is constructed very well
  • There are compression straps to make it easier to organize the bag
  • The MOLLE system nearly covers the entire bag


  • The bag is not designed to be waterproof
  • The bag can be quite heavy when it’s full

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CONDOR 3 Day Assault Pack

The next pack that we are going to look at is one that is manufactured from Condor. It is a larger backpack that’s designed to have a lot of space to carry your essentials. In fact, there are seven pockets that you can use in this 30-liter bag. One of the pockets is designed to accommodate a hydration bladder. The bag also comes with compression straps that will help you store your things better in the bag.  

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (Multicam, 3038-Cubic Inch)

The back of the bag also has a mesh surface that’s designed to allow air to flow through it with ease. This makes it even more comfortable to walk because it keeps you from sweating. Its designed with padded straps to make it easier to manage the bag as you carry it. It comes with a waist and a sternum strap that will help you balance the weight as you walk with it on your back.  


  • It ‘s available in a few different color options
  • It is made using very durable material
  • The waist strap can be removed


  • The zippers can stick a bit
  • It could use a bit more padding

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ARMYCAMOUSA Tactical Rucksacks Backpack

This backpack is a great option to consider if you are looking for a durable backpack at a reasonable price. It’s made with 600 denier polyester, which means that it’s not going to tear very easily. It comes with multiple zippered pockets that you can use to store your essentials, and there is even a hydration compartment that’s designed for you to easily reach your water to stay hydrated.  

Tactical Rucksacks Backpack Expandable Large 3 Day Assault Pack Army Molle Water Resistant Comfortable Daypack with Hydration Compartments for Military Hunting Recreation Trekking School Bug Out Bag

It also has an accordion zipper that will expand when you need more space to pack. In fact, it will expand an additional five inches, which makes it perfect as a 72-hour bag. It is also available in eight different camouflage color options so that you can stay hidden when you need to in the wild. The straps are designed to be breathable as well as the back of the bag, so you will not sweat as easily. It also comes with an adjustable sternum strap.  


  • It expands to fit a lot of essential
  • It has a solid construction
  • It is a very versatile bag that is extremely comfortable


  • The straps can easily cut into the neck of a larger individual

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LA Police Gear Atlas 72H MOLLE Tactical Backpack

  This pack, which comes from LA Police Gear, is a great option that is available in five different solid colors that will give you some camouflage in the wild. The bag itself is a very durable model that’s made with 900 deniers, and it even has a PVC coating on the surface to help make it more water resistant.  

LA Police Gear Atlas 72 Hour Tactical Backpack for Men or Women, Large Tactical Backpack, Hiking Backpack, CCW Backpack - Grey

The straps of the bag are ideal for carrying a lot of weight. The shoulder straps are well padded, and there is a waist strap and a chest strap for additional support. There’s also mesh squares on the back of the bag to allow some air to circulate. The bag is designed with a lot of compartments, and there are several separates across the dimensions of the pack. It is designed with a MOLLE system that covers the entire front of the backpack, and there are other places that you can use to hook your gear to as well.  


  • The material is triple stitched to make it more secure
  • The waist belt is very effective at distributing weight
  • It is very comfortable to wear for a few hours


  • The zippers could be more durable

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Orca Tactical Backpack

This is a large survival backpack that is designed to give you enough space to store essentials for a three-day trip . There are two large compartments that you can use to pack away the bigger items that you’ll need as well as two smaller front compartment that are designed for smaller accessories. The shoulder straps are well padded, and there is even a separate compartment for a water bladder to be stored.  

Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLE Army Military Backpack Bug Out Bag Rucksack Assault Pack (Black)

The front has a MOLLE system that is great for carrying your tools and other things that you may need. It is a water-resistant bag, and to make it even more durable, the bag is double stitched at all of the stress points that could tear on other bags. In total, the bag has a 40-liter capacity that comes in four different color options.  


  • It has a large capacity
  • It is a very durable product
  • The zipper completely unzips, which makes it even easier to pack


  • The padding on the shoulder straps could be thicker
  • Some of the MOLLE loops on the side are a bit too small

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Features to Look for in a Survival Backpack

Whether you are looking for the best bug out bag to take on an outdoor adventure or the best 3 day tactical backpack for your survival, there are going to be several features that you will want to consider so that you have the best bag for your needs.  

Some of the most common features that you should consider before you make a purchase include:  

Durability and Material

When you are looking for a new survival backpack, you are going to need to consider the durability of the material that it’s made from. No matter how comfortable the back feels on your back, you are going to be a lot less happy if the straps break while you are in the wild.  

This means that you will not only have to carry your bag in your hands, it is likely to slow you down. If your bag rips in an area of the fabric where the pockets are, it is likely that you will lose some of the materials in your bag.  

Make sure that your bag can take a bit of abuse in the wild so that you have the materials that you need when you need them. It is pretty obvious that you are going to want to purchase a bag that is made out of good materials over one that is made with lower quality materials.

Typically, the fabric and the stitching combined can make a great option that is strong enough to last. Most tactical bags should be made out of nylon because it is one of the most durable options that you can consider.  

Take a look at this informational video on the Cordura brand fabric.  

Not only will you need to consider the material of the bag, but you will also need to make sure that the zipper is nice and strong as well. A zipper that is not designed to be high-quality may not be the best option, especially if the zipper fails or pulls the fabric apart near the zipper.  

A cheaply made bag may save you money when you purchase it, but if it does not last without needing repairs, it is likely to cost more in the long run.  


When you choose a backpack that is made out of non-breathable material, you are likely to find that the material is not as comfortable as you might think on your back.  

Considering a bag that is designed with honeycomb padding may be a good option so that you do not sweat when you are walking in the wilderness. Sweating will drain your electrolytes, which means that you will need more water to rehydrate.  

Webbing is also a good option to consider.  

The Comfort of the Bag

With any backpack of this type, you are going to find that there are a few things that you will want to have to remain comfortable during your journey. If you are not comfortable, you are not likely to be able to travel as far when you are hiking, which means that you will be slower getting to your destination.  

Some of the features that you will want to consider for your comfort include:  

Padded Straps – All of the weight that you pack in your bag is going to be held up by the straps that you attach to yourself. The first straps that need to be padded are the shoulder straps. These will be quite uncomfortable if they are not, especially if your pack is on the heavier side. You’re not going to want to carry your new backpack with the shoulder straps alone. This is because a lot of weight will be able to throw you off balance easily. You will want a bag that also has hip straps and even a sternum strap that you can use to help balance the weight. These extra straps also often have attached pockets that you can use as well.  

Back Padding – The main point of contact between you and the backpack is going to be the material that is on the back of the bag. You do not want it to bump you too often as you walk. This material cannot be thin because it will become annoying quite quickly. It will also make it possible for sharp items that you are carrying to come through the bag, especially if you happen to take a tumble in the wild.  

Number of Compartments

When you’re looking for a great bag to use when you’re in the great outdoors, you are going to need compartments in the bag that will allow you to pack smartly. This is so that you can find what you need with ease.  

The main idea of these compartments is to be able to use the space better so that you don’t have to use a bigger bag when you’re going to be camping for a few days.  

This means that you may want compression straps that will help you make your essentials more compact so that you can save space for the things that you need to survive.  

Water Resistant and Cut Proof Bags

One of the features that you’ll want the best bug out bag options to have is a bit of water resistance. This is so that you’ll not have to worry about your survival gear getting wet while your hiking.  

Sometimes, you may encounter a body of water that you need to cross, and it could also help protect your gear if it begins to rain. Some of the bags that you’ll find on the market will come with a rain fly that will be useful to keep your things safe from the rain.  

Another important thing to consider is the material of the bag and making sure that it is not easy to cut through. Some pickpockets that you encounter may simply try to slice a hole in your bag. It will also protect the bag from getting ripped on trees or barbed wire that could be sharp.  

MOLLE Compatibility

All the best 3 day tactical backpack options are also compatible with a MOLLE system. MOLLE stands for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment, and it’s a system that is often positioned on the back of the backpack that can be used to carry anything that you can dangle from it. This can include water, tools, med kits, and more.  

Having this system that allows you to clip items to the exterior of your pack will give you more space inside of it to carry essentials that you need to bring, especially if you are planning to be outside for a few days. You may want to keep your first aid kit on the outside for easy access.  

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Hydration Bladder Compatible

A hydration system that fits inside of your bag with ease will help to ensure that that you can take the pack with you for longer trips.  

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This type of system will also make sure that you stay hydrated for quite a while, and you will even be able to drink from a straw while you’re walking through the wild. In addition, these bags can also have a filtration system that you can use to make sure that you have the cleanest water during your trip.      

Final Thoughts

Tactical backpacks are a great way to survive in the wild, especially if you know how to pack them properly. They make good emergency kits too for bugging out. All of the products that we have reviewed in this guide are great options to consider, especially if you plan on using the bag for a three-day excursion.  

If you are still having trouble deciding which option is the best tactical backpack for you, then take another look at the buyer’s guide.

If we were to pick one, the 5.11 RUSH72 Backpack stands out above the rest. It is a durable bag that is MOLLE compatible. It is extremely comfortable, and it can hold quite a bit.

5.11Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack, 55 Liter Large, Style 58602
  • Tactical Backpack RUSH72 features military bag design, built from high strength, water-repellant rucksack made with 1000D nylon; 3342 cubic inch / 55 liter total capacity
  • This MOLLE military style tactical backpack is ready for patrol. Dual-zippered front and main compartments with glove friendly molded grip pulls. admin organization pocket to store maps, pens and documents.
  • This heavy duty large military backpack features a front pocket - 15.5 x 11.5 x 2 inch, main compartment - 23 H x 13.5 L x 8.5 inches, hydration pocket -21 x 13.5 inches, left and right side pockets - 16.5 x 6 x 1.75 inch
  • Adjustable dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps; cinching waist strap and dual compression straps keeping your rucksack pack secure and comfortable.
  • The 5.11 Rush72 Tactical backpack can be used as a multipurpose pack, bag, range bag, hunting backpack, army backpack, tactical sling bag, survival backpack, hiking rucksack, or everyday outdoor backpack.

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