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The Best 4 Person Tent Roundup

If you tend to go camping with a few other people, then it’s essential to have a great place to sleep. Some of the best 4 person tent options on the market are spacious, have lots of storage space, and can keep you dry if it rains.

However, some of the best four person tent options can be crowded when you’re trying to fit four large adults into the same space. So, which tent should you select?

In this guide, we are going to explore five best 4 person tent options which are listed below. At the end of the reviews we take a look at the different types of tents available and some of the features that you’ll want to consider.

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4 Person Tent Reviews

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

This tent from Alps is part of the Lynx tent series, and it is a great tent to consider for multiple people. It is 7.6 feet by 8.6 feet, and it has a height in the center that is 52 inches tall. This is the perfect height to be able to sit comfortably and move around in the tent. It weighs slightly less than nine pounds, which makes it easy to carry.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent, Clay/Rust, Model:5424617

The tent has a two-pole design that makes setup a breeze. The tent comes with zippered pockets that you can use for storage. Its also made out of durable material that is resistant to UV light. The seams on the fly are double sealed, and the floor is also coated to help keep the rain out.


  • The tent is incredibly waterproof
  • There is excellent ventilation in this tent
  • It is available in multiple colors 


  • It is a little small for four full-grown adults


Alpha Camp 4-Peron Camping Dome Tent

This Alpha tent is another great option that will also be comfortable for a family of four. In addition, it is available as a tent for two and three in case you need another size. The dimensions of this tent are nine feet by seven feet with a height that is just shy of five feet. It also only weighs 9.6 pounds, which makes it light enough to carry when you are hiking.

ALPHA CAMP 3 Person Camping Tent - 7' x 8' Blue

Assembly of the tent should only take about five minutes, and the tent has fiberglass poles that are extremely sturdy and resistant to wind. It has three zippered windows and a vent along the ground to help air out the tent. It has plenty of mesh pockets inside, and there is a cable port that can be used to charge your phone.


  • The tent is easy to assemble
  • This tent comfortably fits an air mattress
  • The ventilation of the tent is superior


  • The tent does not handle rain well


Geertop Portable 4-Person, 4-Season Backpacking Tent

This Geertop backpacking tent is ideal for camping in a location that you need to travel to in order to set up camp. It is only 9.1 pounds, so hiking with the tent will never be an issue. It is 7.8 feet by 6.8 feet, with a height inside the tent of about 53 inches. It’s made out of durable, breathable polyester and aluminum poles that are strong against the wind.

Geertop Portable 4 Person 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent Double Layer Waterproof Larger Family Camping Tent Lightweight for Camp Outdoor Sports Hiking Travel Beach - Easy to Set Up

The tents designed with a double zipper to help keep the rain out, and the seams are all double stitched as well. The tent has two entrances as well as additional windows for ventilation. There are snow skits that can be used in colder weather, and there are inside storage pockets to store smaller accessories.


  • It is very water-resistant
  • The tent is simple to set up
  • The interior lantern hook is very convenient


  • The floor material is somewhat thin


Alps Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent

This tent is another option that is available from Alps. It is part of their Meramac tent series, and it’s designed to accommodate four individuals. The base of the tent is 7.6 feet by 8.6 feet, and it has a height of about five feet. It also only weighs about 11 pounds, so you should have no trouble hefting it to your campsite.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent, Sage/Rust

This tent has a two-pole design with fiberglass poles that are durable against the wind. The flyis made of polyester material that’s protected against UV light as well as rainwater. This tent has two doorways, two windows, and ventilation panels that provide plenty of fresh air. There are also storage pockets inside the tent.


  • Setting up the tent is pretty straightforward
  • The fly is excellent in cold, damp weather
  • Almost enough space to stand upright inside the tent


  • There is no option to close the mesh windows under the fly


Gazelle T4 Pop Up Camping Hub Tent

The last of the top rated 4 person tents that we are going to look at is one that’s manufactured by Gazelle. It is a tent that has a length and a width of 7.8 feet. It also has a height of 6.5 feet, so most adults will be able to stand straight up inside the tent. However, unlike the other tents that we have reviewed, this one has a bit of weight to it. In total, it weighs 30 pounds.

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Overlanding Tent, Easy Instant Set Up in 90 Seconds, 4 Person

The tent has a sturdy design that simply pops into place. It used fiberglass poles, designed to be more durable in windy conditions. It also has YKK zippers that will keep the rain and the wind out of the tent. The floors designed to give you some cushioning, and it can easilybe removed to clean up and dirt that may accumulate in the tent. 


  • The tent is extremely easy to set up
    The tent has excellent ventilation
  • The tent material and the double-stitched seams are great for creating a waterproof tent


  • This tent is a bit heavy to carry a long way


Four Man Tent Types

When you begin your search for one of the best 4 person tents, you’re going to want to consider whether a premium tent or a budget tent is better for your needs. Premium tents have more advanced materials and designed to last longer.

They have a lot of space that you can stay in that has dividers and spacious vestibules to keep your things. They are well ventilated and designed to stand up to most inclement weather. 

Budget tents made from bulkier fabric that will be more difficult to carry, but they will also be durable. They will stand up to a little rain, but the inside of the tent could get wet during a heavy rainstorm.

Features of the Best 4 Man Tent

Before you make a purchase, some of the considerations that you will want to make include:

Weight and Carry Size

One of the most critical factors to consider is the weight of the tent that you choose and whether or not you’re going to be able to carry your tent to your campsite with ease. Some campsites will be designed so that you can easily drive up to the location, but if you are ever going to need to walk to your campsite, you will need a lighter tent that’s easy to carry.

Tents can range from less than seven pounds to as much as 40 pounds, so consider the weight before you make a decision. Ideally, something that weighs less than 10 pounds is best when it comes to a four person tent.

Interior Space

Even though the tent is rated to be able to accommodate four individuals, it could be including four smaller adults or children. You want a tent that gives four people enough space to spread out and not be crowded when you have four sleeping bags inside the tent.

If it storms outside, you may need to spend time inside the tents and have enough space for four people to sit and maybe play a game of cards for a while. 

Instead of going by the size of the tent or the number of people that it holds, consider the interior dimensions of the tent so that you can see how much space the tent has before you’re at the campsite. Also, make sure that you consider any air mattresses that you want to use inside the tent, along with pillows and blankets that could take up space.

Build Quality

Honestly, this is the major difference between a premium tent and a budget one. The materials designed to last longer, not get punctured, and to keep the rain at bay. They also will have strong poles, stakes, and plenty of storage space on the inside of the tent.

Both a premium tent and a budget one will work well for a year or two, but if you plan to use the tent for several seasons, the premium material is going to have a much longer lifespan. 


Ventilation in a tent is of utmost importance. This can be provided via doors or windows. Many of the budget options that you’ll encounter have a single door, but if you can manage to spend a little bit more, having a two-door design will provide some welcomed convenience.

In fact, you’ll have a much easier time getting out of the tent at night when your camping mates are still asleep. Having easy to open windows is also important so that in the heat of the summer the inside of the tent does not become too humid and muggy to sleep inside.

Weather Resistance

When you’re camping one of the best 4 person tent options, you’re going to want to consider the type of weather that you could encounter. At the very least, you’re going to need a tent that will keep the rain out during a storm.

You are also going to want material that is double stitched to help keep water from seeping in as well as fabric that will hold up to heavy winds that often come with a storm. If you’re going to be sleeping in the tent for more than just the summer, make sure that it has all the necessary resistances. 

Storage Space

In addition to you having a place to sleep, you’re going to need space in the tent to keep your backpack and other essentials. A vestibule can be located at the door of the tent to provide you a place where you can keep your shoes dry at night without taking them into your sleeping area.

It can also provide you with storage space, especially if your car is not parked nearby. There are also garage spaces that can be used for bikes and such, which can be useful when traveling with your family. Inside the tent, there will also be pockets where you can keep smaller things like a flashlight, a deck of cards, keys, or sunglasses. 

Ease of Assembly

Not all tents are designed the same, so you’re going to need to consider how you can assemble it when you reach your campsite. Most tents are easy to set up, and ideally, it should not take you more than 15 minutes to do.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with reviews of five of the best 4 person tent options that you can find. All of them are ideal for a small family that will be camping together in the summer.

These options will work for any season, but the one that seems to stand out as the best 4 person camping tent is the Gazelle T4 Pop Up Camping Hub Tent because it is easy to set up, and it has plenty of space. 

It is a bit heavy, so if you will need to carry it for a long distance, consider the Geertop Portable 4-Person, 4-Season Backpacking Tent. It is spacious, well- ventilated, and it has a lantern loop on the inside of the tent.

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Overlanding Tent, Easy Instant Set Up in 90 Seconds, 4 Person
  • CONVENIENCE: A 90 second set-up and packs up into a 67.5 inch duffle bag. Spaciously sleep up to four people, standing 78 in tall and featuring 61 sq. feet of floor space. Resistant to water, wind and mildew and features a 50+ UV rated material.
  • RAINFLY WITH INTEGRATED POLES: A waterproof rainfly with taped seams is included with each tent. The integrated poles insert into each corner before popping up the roof. It can be left off on nice nights for a great view of the stars.
  • STURDY POP-UP HUB DESIGN: Our camping tents come fully assembled and pop-up fast thanks to the innovative framework. We use only all-metal hubs and solid fiberglass poles to create a solid structure that resists strong winds.
  • DURABLE BEEFY YKK ZIPPERS: Zippers go through a lot of abuse, and there is nothing worse than getting in and out of a tent with broken zippers. That's why we use rugged and dependable and beefy YKK zippers on our doors.
  • REMOVABLE FLOOR: The rugged polyester floor is held securely in place by a thick strip of extra strength hook and loop tape surrounding the tent interior. It can be quickly removed to shake out dirt and sand.

Last update on 2020-09-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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