Best Recurve Bow Reviews 2022

When buying a recurve bow, there are certain specifications that you want to keep an eye out for before you buy one. We understand that …

When buying a recurve bow, there are certain specifications that you want to keep an eye out for before you buy one. We understand that with so many things to look out for, buying a recurve bow can be a bit overwhelming.

With so many out there, how do you choose the best recurve bow for hunting?

Below, we have created a list of things that you should pay attention to when you’re on the hunt for a new recurve bow. But first we’ve rated five of the best recurve bows around so that you have a good start to your hunt.

Top 5 Best Recurve Bow Reviews

1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
  • SIZE – the Samick Sage Recurve bow is 62” long, 28” draw length, and choose your draw weight from 25-60lb.
  • INCLUDES: Riser - 2 Fiberglass laminated limbs - 14 Strands dacron bowstring – Stick on arrow rest – assembly instructions. Limbs are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.
  • HAND ORIENTATION - Right Handed - Hold the bow with your LEFT hand and pull the string with your RIGHT. Left Handed - Hold the bow with your RIGHT hand and pull the string with your LEFT.
  • FEATURES - Pre-installed threaded Brass Bushings for various attachments and upgrades, such as, Brass Plunger, Stabilizer, Sight, Quiver, Bow fishing reel.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - risers are designed with lightweight Maple wood, and a comfortable ergonomic grip, so it’s easy to hold and your hands don’t get tired

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This is the number one best selling recurve bow around today. Samick Is a Korean archery company that’s been up and running since 1975. Samick Sports has grown substantially over the years and is the top choice for athletes all over the world. They have sold bows in over 50 countries!

The Riser

The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is 62 inches long and has a draw weight of up to 60 pounds. The riser on the Samick Sage is made out of Dymondwood and Maple and has an attractive, polished finish. These top quality materials are what makes this bow so durable and long-lasting. It’s a simple yet very effective design.

Not only that, but the riser is drilled so that you can add accessories to your bow such as an arrow rest. As if it couldn’t get any better, the Samick Sage take-down recurve bow also comes in left-handed and right-handed models which makes it more versatile than other bows.

The Limbs

The limbs on this bow are made out of laminated maple making it more durable and resilient. This bow is an ideal choice for beginners because the limbs are so easy to change. You can unscrew the screws with just your fingers so no tools are necessary.

Technical Specs

Bow Weight: 3.4 lbsMax Draw: 29 inches
Draw Weights: 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 lbsRiser Limbs: Hard Maple with Black Fiberglass
  • It’s available in left and right hand models
  • There are no tools needed to change the limbs
  • There’s a wide range of draw weight (25-60 pounds)
  • Great beginner recurve bow
  • You may have to buy new strings if you’re a more experienced archer

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2. SouthWest Archery Takedown Recurve Bow

SouthWest Archery Takedown Recurve Bow
  • 62" vs 64" XL – Both utilize the same riser but have different length limbs. The 64" XL is designed to accomodate archers that taller than 6ft or have a draw length over 30".
  • Construction - The riser is handcrafted from four naturally sourced woods to give it an ergonomical feel and equipped with metal limb pockets. The limbs are made from fiber glass wrapped maple wood and anchor to the limb pockets with an allen style bolt.
  • Specs & Uses – Available in both Left Hand and Right Hand with draw weights of 20lb – 60lb. Features preinstalled threaded bushings for various accessory upgrades. Reinforced limb tips are Fast Flight and Flemish string compatible.
  • Includes – One handcrafted riser (Left or Right Hand), One pair of matching limbs (upper and lower), One 14 strand Dacron string, One adhesive arrow rest, One stringer tool, and detailed instructions with photos.
  • Dare To Compare – Extraordinary quality at an affordable price and backed with an industry leading warranty. All Southwest Archery bows include a 1-year manufacturer warranty when registered online after purchase! Don’t hesitate to check out our storefront to see all our other amazing products!

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This bow has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use for archers of all levels.

The Southwest archery takedown is ambidextrous and has a wide draw weight range of 25-60 pounds. This bow comes with pre-installed bushings so that you can add several accessories like quivers, sights, and much more.

If you register your product, you get a one year warranty on your takedown recurve bow. To spruce things up, even more, there’s a ready to shoot package that includes:

  • A recurve bow case
  • An arm guard
  • A bow string tool or bow stringer
  • Carbon arrows
  • Spyder takedown bow

The Riser

The polish design of the riser makes it smooth and easy to grip. Because of this design, you don’t have to worry about the wood of the limb getting cold in the winter. You’ll always be able to comfortably hold your Spyder takedown bow. The Riser is made from two different types of wood and comes pre-drilled so that you can add accessories to it if you so choose.

The Limbs

The limbs are made out of laminated maple. The tips of the limbs are made out of plastic. This minimizes the risk of causing damage to the bow when you’re changing the strings. Like the Samick Sage, the limbs of the Spyder takedown recurve bow can be easily changed. This allows you to start at a lower draw weight and work your way up as your archery skills become more advanced.

Technical Specs

Suitable for Bow FishingLength: 62 inches
Draw Weights: 20, 25, 29, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 lbsDraw Length: Between 22-28 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Is easily assembled
  • Comes in left and right hand models
  • One year warranty
  • A little more pricey
  • Requires tools to be taken apart

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3. PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow

PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow
  • BOW SPECIFICATIONS - Mass Weight: 3.2 lbs. Draw Weight: 25 lbs. Length: 60” Brace height: 8³⁄₄” Right or Left Hand.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUNG ARCHERS OR TEENAGERS - Are you looking for the perfect bow to learn archery? The Snake Recurve Bow is an excellent choice for youth, kids & backyard shooters who want to join the sport of archery.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YOUTH BOW - Made of an almost indestructible composite, this 60", 1-piece recurve bow holds up to young archers as they learn the sport. Perfect for beginners, lightweight 3.2 lb design allows practice for hours without getting tired.
  • COMPLETE ACCURACY - This archery bow for beginners is accurate and sturdy enough for the archery range or for high target shooting. A great bow for fun backyard shooting with your children and friends!
  • ADVENTURE STARTS HERE - Experience PSE. Experience Performance! The classic one-piece design makes assembly a snap. This tough bow stands up to beginners! Made in the USA.

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This bow is the perfect bow to help beginners break into the crossbow world easily. PSE is famously known for its unique and affordable bows. The PSE 10 Snake recurve bow has a maximum draw weight of 25 pounds making it the perfect bow for children and teenagers. Although it’s designed for children, the snake recurve is a full-size bow at 60 inches.

Because this bow is designed for younger archers (or beginners), it’s very lightweight and easy to handle. The PSE 10 Snake Recurve bow comes as is, meaning there’s not a spot to add accessories. However, because there are no screws, the Snake Recurve is very easy to assemble right out of the box.

Snake Recurve Features:

  • 60 inches tall bow length
  • Draw weight of 25 pounds
  • Sleek, ambidextrous design
  • Includes an arrow rest, nock point, and string

Technical Specs

Weight: 3.2 lbsLength: 60 inches
Draw Weights: 25 lbsDraw Length: 30 inches approx.
  • Very affordable
  • Comes in left and right hand models
  • Ideal bow choice for children/beginners
  • Accessories can’t be added

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4. KESHES Hunting Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow

KESHES Hunting Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow
  • KESHES 60" TAKEDOWN RECURVE BOW SET INCLUDE - Impressive round edge Riser Wooden Limbs outside layered with black fiberglass Screws to attach the li
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE GRIP - Keshes Hunting Bow riser is ergonomically designed with rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle which will allow
  • FEATURES - Pre-installed Brass Bushings for future upgrades such as eye sight With the Takedown feature you will always be able to change your limb t
  • RIGHT & LEFT HANDED - Either if you are right handed or left handed we have you covered
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are not 100% satisfied with KESHES recurve bow we will refund you 100% of your order, although we are confident

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The Keshes Takedown Recurve bow is the perfect for target shooting and can be used by the whole family. What makes this bow so family-friendly is its wide draw weight range (15-55 pounds). Not only that but as the children grow and become more experienced, they can upgrade the draw weight, making it a bow to last through the years.

Made out of combined woods and black fiberglass, the Keshes Takedown Recurve is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to hold. The limbs on the Takedown Recurve are drilled in so there are no tools required for assembly. To top it off, KESHES has a 100% guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re not, they’ll give you a full refund!

Takedown Features:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Drilled in limbs to allow for future upgrades
  • Bowstring
  • Stick on arrow rest
  • Safe and easy to use stringer tool
  • Sight
  • Step by step assembly instructions

Technical Specs

Weight: 3 lbsLength: 60 inches
Draw Weights: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 lbsDraw Length: 29 inches
  • Easy assembly
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with accessories
  • 100% guarantee or your money back
  • Not an ideal choice for hunting

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5. Courage SAS Hunting Takedown Recurve Bow

Courage SAS Hunting Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Riser is made of Bintangor, Makore and Chuglam hard woods.
  • Limbs consist of Maple and Makore wood laminations, and are faced with high strength fiberglass. It allows for great comfort, stability and more precise shooting with excellent arrow speed.
  • Choice of Right Hand or Left Hand; Draw Weight: choose from 29 to 60 LBs
  • Takedown Recurve Bow Easy to Disassemble and Storage; Great for Hunting or Practice
  • 60" total length

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The SAS Hunting Takedown Recurve is a versatile, long-lasting bow for archers of all levels. Its riser is made out of laminated wood and has pre-installed brass bushings so you can add accessories such as a quiver, stabilizer, or plunger.

Additionally, the limbs are made out of Makore and Maple and are coated with fiberglass which provides a matte, black finish

The SAS Takedown is fairly easy to assemble but does require tools. Its draw weight ranges from 35-55 pounds and the bow length is 60 inches total, making it a great bow for target shooting. Also, SAS offers a 3-year warranty that keeps your bow covered in the case that it needs any repairs.

The kit includes:

  • Bowstring
  • Rug Rest

Technical Specs

Weight: 3 lbsLength: 60 inches
Draw Weight: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 LBsRight Hand Only
  • Backed with a 3-year warranty
  • Comes with pre-installed brass bushings
  • Easy to use
  • Tools required for assembly
  • Because of the tips of the limbs, bowstring upgrades are off the table
  • Right hand only

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Recurve Bow Buying Guide

Before we dive into the buying guide for the best recurve bows, here a couple of things that you should keep in mind before you make your final decision.

Create a Budget

The first thing you want to do is create a budget. we’ve taken a look at a lot of recurve bows, and noticed they can get a little bit pricey. Not only that but buying a recurve entails that there will be some extra accessories that you’ll want to buy to make your experience with the bow better.

Creating a budget will help you stay on track and will keep you from buying anything unnecessary. Make sure that you plan accordingly so you don’t hurt your wallet.

Create a List

Most Olympic style recurve bows are designed to be altered. You can add arm guards, arrow rests, quivers, sights, and much more. If you make a list, you’ll be so much more prepared when you start shopping because you’ll know exactly what you want to get. Not only that, but you’ll be more likely to stay within your budget.

Take a Beginner’s Course

If you haven’t done so already, taking a beginner’s course will educate you on what to look for when you’re buying the best recurve bow for you.

Because there are so many features that can be added to your recurve bow, it can be hard to decipher which features are necessary.

A coach will guide you on the specific gear you need so that you’re not wasting money on things you don’t actually need.

Determine How the Bow is Going to be Used

Some bows are designed for certain activities. These activities can range from hunting to sports, or it can be a side hobby.

Recurve bows are used in Olympic games and are a great first choice for a beginning archer. For this reason, there are Olympic style recurves and barebow. Olympic style bows are outfitted with a sight, plunger, clicker, and other accessories. These recurve bows are not suitable for hunting because the bow length is not suitable in that they are too tall.

Specifying what you want to use the recurve bow for will keep you from investing in the wrong product and bow length.

Determine your Draw Weight

Your draw weight is the amount of force that’s needed to draw your bow (pull the string).

This is an important factor to consider if you’re planning on doing some hunting. The larger the game, more draw weight will be required to take down the animal.

Determine the Weight of the Bow

You don’t want to buy a bow that’s going to be a chore to carry around. Check the bows weight and make sure that you’re buying something that is easily transported.

Hunting and target practice are things you’ll want to consider when you’re weighing out your bow as hunting recurve bows will come with different characteristics.

Check out the Limbs of the Bow

Most bow limbs are made out of fiberglass and wood. Keep in mind that the limbs are typically replaced after a couple of months of buying the bow. It’s not a terrible idea to stick to buying cheap limbs. This will save you money in the long run.

Find a Good Manufacturer

There are SO many companies out there that design their own recurve bows. This is something you want to be cautious about. Just because a company sells a recurve bow, doesn’t mean they’re any good.

You’ll want to check for the quality of the strings, limbs, and risers.

These things will tell you if the recurve bows are any good. But don’t worry, further on in the article we have listed some of the best high-quality recurve bows out there.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Recurve Bow

Now that we’ve gone over some of the things you should look for when you buy a recurve bow, let’s explore some of the advantages of having one.

The ancestry of the recurve bow runs deep. It is one of the earliest versions of a traditional bow to date. So, you’re investing in something that’s going to last you a really long time. If you’re going to be hunting all day, you don’t want to carry around something that’s super heavy.

But, like anything, it’s also important to consider the disadvantages that are associated with buying a good recurve bow.

Even though the recurve bow is lighter than traditional bows, the draw weight is higher. So, the strength you would normally put into carrying around your bow you’d put into drawing it.

You want to have a decent amount of upper body strength to wield this bow. Additionally, recurve bows take more practice to master which is why you tend see them in Olympic sporting games.

Recurve Bow Accessories

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Final Thoughts

We have spent several hours checking out and reviewing recurve bows to help you make your decision. We hope that this article has helped narrow the choices down a bit. Remember when you’re looking for a recurve bow, keep in mind your budget, your specific bow needs, and the draw weight.

Out of the above bows, the KESHES hunting Takedown Recurve Bow stands out for us as it’s a really good place to start. It’s a great tool to use to get your children interested in archery. Not to mention, it’s super affordable. It’s strong, long-lasting, and simple, so you don’t have to worry about upgrades or screws or any of that. For beginners, and even those looking for some more target practice, this may well be the best recurve bow for you.