Best Arrow Rests Review

Are you having trouble making accurate shots with your bow? If you are, a good bow rest could be a great way to improve your …

Are you having trouble making accurate shots with your bow? If you are, a good bow rest could be a great way to improve your shot and help make it more accurate.  

How do you know which arrow rest is best for your hunting needs? In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best rests on the market, but first, let’s take a more in-depth look at bow rests in general.  

Best Arrow Rest Reviews

1. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest
798 Reviews
Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest
  • Stainless Steel
  • limited life-time warranty
  • Color - Black
  • Model Number- UHXBK-R
  • Part # 47331

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If you’re on the market for an arrow rest that’s very easy to install, this QAD HDX arrow rest might be a good option because it can be quickly installed via a Phillips screwdriver. The device utilizes drop-away technology so that the arrow flies true when you snap the bowstring, and the capture bar is curved to accommodate most arrow types. It’s also very durable; QAD used stainless steel in the construction, and the whole product is powder-coated to protect it from moisture.  

When you’re ready to take aim, the last thing you want is a lot of obscuring extra components on your arrow rest, which is why this product stands out. It has a very compact design that keeps your sights unobstructed. This is also a rest that offers full containment; the arrow is completely surrounded, so the only time the rest will fall is when the arrow is fired at a target. This is also a good rest because of the fact that it tends to keep tune; once you’ve set it for your center shot, it should stay that way.

  • This is a very lightweight and compact rest
  • It offers full containment for the arrow
  • It fits just about every bow on the market
  • It doesn’t come with felt for wrapping the rest
  • Some consider this to be a noisy arrow rest

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2. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest
1,136 Reviews
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest
  • TRIED AND TRUE: World's most-popular rest sought-out by bow hunters of all skill-levels
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: Reversible mount design for use with left- and right-hand bows
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Easy corrections with advanced windage and elevation adjustments
  • LIGHT WEIGHT DURABILITY: Increased strength with the composite-encased biscuit
  • QUIET: Silent arrow loading with custom rubber boots

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One of the coolest features of a good whisker biscuit-style arrow rest is that it offers full containment of your arrow. This means that it’s near-impossible for the arrow to come out unless you want it out. It does this through a circular guide that uses bristles to keep the arrow in place. As long as you fire through the brown bristles, you shouldn’t encounter any drag on the arrow that could cause issues for your aim.

The containment circle is made of a super strong composite material that is designed to last for years, and over time, the bristles are also very durable. This is also an arrow rest that can be used ambidextrously; simply flip the ring around and install it on your bow if you’re a lefty.   It’s very easy to adjust this product; there are both elevation and windage settings that you can manipulate for the highest level of accuracy on your shots.

  • This is a super-tough arrow rest that will last for years
  • The bristles are a simple yet elegant way of ensuring an utterly unobstructed shot
  • This product if fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • It’s whisper-silent when you’re loading
  • Some archers may prefer an all-steel arrow rest

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3. QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest
561 Reviews
QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest
  • Full containment;Noise reducing felt;Launcher arm stays up on let down

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This is another model of arrow rest that features a full containment system, and it has a great guide design that will ensure that it’s hard to lose your arrow when aiming. The product is also designed with some camo components, which can help ensure that you aren’t noticed by your quarry amongst the brush. Another feature that stands out on this rest is its low-profile design; there’s not much to obstruct your sight on this rest, so you can shoot truer.  

This product is also pretty easy to install; just about everything you need to install the rest is included, and installing it only takes a few minutes of your time. The rest will drop away every time, so you won’t have to worry about your shots experiencing interference. QAD also has included a complimentary sog knife with the bow, which can come in handy while you’re out on the trail. This is a model that’s designed to shoot shorter arrows, so if this is the type of arrow you use out on the trail, this may be the rest for your archery.  

  • It includes a break-way safety feature
  • This rest uses a total arrow containment system
  • The rest itself is coated with felt
  • It’s very easy to adjust the windage with this product
  • Some fletchings won’t clear the topmost bar

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4. TRUGLO Storm G2 Capture Rest

For a high level of accuracy when out there with your bow, you don’t have to commit to an expensive arrow rest. This product, which is manufactured by TRUGLO, is a great choice for anyone looking to work under a budget. Like the whisker biscuit, this rest utilizes bristles to keep your arrow positioned correctly. Unlike that model, this isn’t a full containment-style of arrow rest but you do end up with a good amount of stability.

Since it uses bristles, this is also a very quiet arrow rest; it won’t make much noise when you loose an arrow towards most targets. TRUGLO also designed this to serve as an all-weather model, so this is a good option to take with you on longer hunting trips where you don’t know the precise weather. Finally, this thing is a cinch to install, and the required components are made available in-package so that you can quickly get to your hunting trip.  

  • This is a capture-style arrow rest
  • The bristles provide a very minimal point of contact
  • It’s hard for any component to cause any drag on your shot
  • The ring structure makes it very easy to sight
  • The bristles can be somewhat hard on some types of fletchings
  • Some components are made of flimsy plastic

5. Ripcord “Code Red” Fall Away Arrow Rest

Ripcord 'Code Red' Fall Away Arrow Rest, Right (Black)
200 Reviews
Ripcord "Code Red" Fall Away Arrow Rest, Right (Black)
  • The fall-away rest that keeps your arrow on.
  • Revolutionary DropDead internal brake system eliminates bounce back.
  • Maximizes forgiveness because it falls away so fast.
  • Red over-molding means no more moleskin.

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The final product in this guide provides a full containment style of performance and has a unique red design that looks great on most bows. Like other products of the type, it’s very easy to install this drop-away arrow rest; you’ll simply screw in the components and attach the ripcord to the composite bow’s downward cable.  

In action, the Code Red works excellently; it won’t interfere with your fletchings during a shot and also helps make each shot whisper-quiet. There’s even an internal brake system that makes sure that the device falls perfectly into place when you shoot an arrow towards your target. Simply put, this system ensures that you’ll experience no “launcher bounce” when firing. While there are red variants of this product, Ripcord does product models that have camouflage and other color options for stealth.  

  • This is a reasonably priced arrow rest
  • The full containment enclosure really does provide 360-degree containment pre-flight
  • It’s very hard to experience fletching interference with this product
  • This product has no noteworthy cons

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Types of Arrow Rests

In general, there are three types of arrow rests that you will find on the market. Each option has its pros and cons, so you will need to compare each type to see which option works best for your needs. The three different types of arrow rests include:  

Shoot Through Rests

This was once a very common type of arrow rest, but today, it is not quite as popular of a choice. This is a design that allows your bow to remain in contact with the arrow rest the entire time that you are shooting it. They have a two-pronged support system that can be adjusted to fit the width of most arrows.  

Drop Away Rests

This is a type of arrow rest that is designed to drop away as you shoot the arrow so that it is not in contact after it is released. This type of rest can improve your shot and stop arrow drop aways that can happen with other options.  

These rests are relatively new to the market, so they are not a popular option that many archers choose. With this model, there is not going to be any contact between the arrow and the fletching.  

Capture / Containment Rests

This is a type of rest that is designed to completely encircle the shaft of the arrow on at least three sides. This means that the arrow is not going to come off of the rest when you take your shot.  

This is designed for new shooters to use, especially because it can be a great tool that can help you focus on your form instead of whether or not the arrow is releasing. It is a bit less forgiving, and it can reduce the speed of the arrows that you are releasing.  

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

As with any purchase that you make, there are certain things that you are going to want to consider before you make any purchase. Not all arrow rests are designed with the same features in mind, so there are going to be some that you will want to make sure are available to you.

These considerations include:  

The Main Use for the Arrow Rests

When you are looking for a new arrow rest, the first thing that you should consider is what type of shooting you plan on doing with your bow. You can use an arrow rest to go hunting or target shooting, and the type of shooting that you plan to take part in will change based on the type of rest that you are using.  

For hunting the drop-away arrow rest is ideal for your needs, but the capture arrow rest is going to be another great choice.  

This design will not interfere with the flight of the arrow, and they are both relatively quiet, which is ideal for hunting. When you are using the arrow rest for target shooting, you want the most accurate option on the market.  

This means that you will want a shoot through arrow rest that will give you more accurate and precise shots.  


When it comes to an arrow rest, you are going to need to have a durable option that will stand up to the tests of time.

The material of the rest needs to be strong so that it lasts for quite a while, but you will also want it to have a waterproof coating that will help to protect it from the rain and other inclement weather patterns.  


When you are looking for an arrow rest, the last thing that you want to do is add a lot of extra weight to your bow. This can weigh you down on your way to your favorite hunting spot, so make sure to find a light weight option that will help you adjust it with ease.  


When you attach something to your bow that was not previously there, you are going to want to make sure that it’s an option that is easy to use. Some arrow rests add additional pressure or tension to the bow when it’s fired.

Make sure that the bow rest that you choose makes it easier to shoot your bow accurately, not harder.  


When you are in the woods, any bow that you need to operate is going to need to be noise-free. Any arrow that is released from a rest that makes a bit off noise can easily distract your prey.  

Some of the arrow rests that you find on the market can also have noise dampeners that can make operating the arrow much smoother.  

Arrow Alignment

Not all of the arrows that you use while you are hunting are going to be a good option that aligns perfectly with your rest. You will need to make sure that the shaft and the nock of your arrow lines up with the rest so that it can help you improve your aim and your accuracy.    

Final Thoughts

Finding a good arrow rest for your archery can really ensure a truer shot since there will be nothing to interfere with the arrow’s potential trajectory. Each of the arrow rests that we’ve featured in this guide will provide a nearly interference-free shot for your outings. Having stated that, if we were to select a favorite, it would be our final product, the Code Red Fall-Away Rest.  

This rest provides a nigh-perfect shot, and it has a very reasonable price. It also is one of the few models on the market that just won’t cause fletching interference issues while you’re firing it.