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Best Tent Stove For Winter Camping

Camping in the winter time can be a great experience, but what do you do when you need to cook? A tent stove is a great way to prepare your food as well as heat the inside of a poorly insulated tent.

There are several options that you can consider on the market today, but what are the best tent stove options to consider for wood burning?

Well, in this guide, we are going to look at five of the best stoves winter camping options, and then take a look at some of the reasons to get one of these products and what to look for when you are purchasing one.

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Tent Stove Reviews

Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Tent Stove

The first stove that we are going to look at is one that’s manufactured by Winnerwell. It’s made out of a lightweight material that is only about four pounds in total. The titanium construction of the stove is also ideal for heat transfer. If you need this unit to help keep your tent warm in the winter, it is a very efficient way to do so, and the wood that it burns can be used for hours.

Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Tent Stove | Ultralight 4 Pound Titanium Wood Burning Stove for Tents and Shelters | Includes Chimney Pipe | Functions as Ultralight Firepan

This is a stove that also comes with a nine-foot pipe that can be used inside of the tent. A spark arrestor and a tent protector so that you can make sure that the stove can be safely used in the tent, and a carry bag that makes it much easier to store when you are not using it is included.

This is an excellent option for a teepee tent or a pyramid tent, and when you’re done using it, the stove can easily be folded up and into a much smaller size. In fact, there are clasps on the stove that will allow you to keep it secure while it is in transit.


  • It has a very lightweight design that is easy to carry
  • It does a great job at keeping your tent cozy


  • The tube can take a bit to roll up the first time it’s used


TMS Portable Wood Stove for Camping

This is a portable stove that can be used in any type of tent or camping situation. It’s designed with four pipe sections that interlock so that you can extend them when you need. It is also designed with air flow regulators in the front and the back of the stove, and the ash tray is designed to be easy to clean.

TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove Tent Heater Cot Camp Ice-fishing Cooking Rv

When it comes to safety, it is the number one priority when you are using a stove in your tent. This option is designed with a spark arrestor that can help prevent fires from occurring. The top of the stove is designed with a grate that’s hinged, so it can be laid out like a rack where you can warm your food or your clothes, or it can be folded up into a handle to make it much easier to carry.

If you look at the stove, you will notice that there are two little tubes on either side of the unit. These can be used to help quickly cook baked potatoes or other food that has a similar shape.  


  • This is a stove that has a fairly low price point
  • This is a very sturdy stove that will fit into any tent


  • The welding around the stove could be better
  • The door does not always close tightly


Winnerwell Nomad Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove

One of the first features of this stove that you might notice is that it’s almost entirely made of stainless steel. Winnerwell opted to use the 304 variety of this material, so you can expect it to be rust- and corrosion-resistant. This is a very portable stove; in total, the stove only weighs about 20 pounds, so taking it from place to place is relatively easy during the winter. The bars, which can also be used to dry wet clothes, are also thin enough to be held easily in gloved hands.  

Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove | Tiny Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tents, Shelters, and Camping | 800 Cubic Inch Firebox | Precision Stainless Steel Construction | Includes Chimney Pipe

This stove also comes with five chimney pipes, a spark arrestor, and an ash scraper, so keeping the inside of your tent safe and warm is reasonably easy. The stove burns wood, and it has a firebox that’s 800 cubic inches that will burn wood at a steady pace for hours.

When it’s time to move on, you can also stow the chimney pipe segments inside of the stove body, so once you’re underway, you won’t have to stow extra components inside of your backpack or bug-out bag.


  • The 304 stainless steel body is both lightweight and durable
  • This is a very portable wood-burning camp stove
  • The racks convert into handles
  • All of the accessories can be carried in the stove body


  • The ash-catching tray can warp


Guide Gear Outdoor Camping Wood Stove

This is a camping woodstove that is built to be a durable solution to camping outdoors in the winter. It’s made from strong galvanized steel that will heat your entire tent without any issues. It is designed with a hinged door that makes it easy to feed the fire when you need, and there are vents on it as well that can be controlled from either side.

The top of the stove has a flat surface that can be used to make your morning coffee or heat something in a pan that you would like to eat. You will need to have a good bit of ventilation for this stove, but the pipes are designed to give you the reach that you need to reach the top of the tent. There are five pipes that come with this stove, and they interlock so that you will be able to choose the size that fits your needs.

This stove can easily collapse to fit inside of itself, and since the legs also detach, this is a very portable option that you can easily carry to your camping location.


  • It does a great job of keeping you warm
  • It does not leak smoke as it is being used


  • The legs on the stove are fairly short

Russian Bear Winter Tent with Wood Stove

When it comes to surviving out in wintry conditions, this tent may just be the most capable of keeping you as toasty as possible. This is actually a kit that includes both the tent and the stove, and since they are literally made for each other, you can understand that this is a fairly comprehensive package. Additionally, the tent itself is fairly massive, so you’ll have enough space to keep several people nice and warm, even during sub-zero nights.

Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Pipe Vent. Hunting Fishing Outfitter Tent with Wood Stove. 4 Season Tent. Expedition Arctic Living Warm Tent. Fishermen, Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts! 5 Person Kit

In addition to all of this, the tent has some features that are perfect for all weather environments. This includes windows with mosquito netting, a detachable floor that’s fully waterproof, and a double-layer construction. The tent material is also fully fireproof, so should an accident occur, you and your family will be 100 percent safe.

The physical design is also impressive; Russian-Bear designed the tent material with a camouflage pattern, so you’ll mostly go unnoticed in the wilderness. Additionally, the main port is very large, so pulling out your gear will be very simple and easy.


  • Everything you need is included
  • The tent has a camouflage pattern
  • The material is double layered and fireproof
  • This is a very spacious tent


  • This is a very expensive tent/stove combo


Reasons to Get a Wood Burning Tent Stove

There are several reasons that one of these stoves will work for your needs, but anytime that you put a stove inside of a tent, you’re going to need to be careful to make sure that the tent never comes in contact with the stove.   The main reasons that tent stoves can be beneficial to have include:  

A Heating Option

Many of the tents that you get for hiking excursions will not be great options for staying warm in the winter. This is because the tent is actually designed for camping in the summer, so the material is not that insulated.

In a large tent, your body heat will not make much of a difference, and blankets and quilts can only do so much. Basically, if it is cold outside, it will be cold inside the tent as well.  

A Way to Cook Food

When you’re camping in the winter, a good camping wood stove is going to be a great option that you can use to cook or heat your food. When the weather outside is frigid, you’re not going to want to build a fire outside to cook, so this is an alternative option that’ll easily be able to work well for you and anyone who is camping with you.  

Drying Your Clothes

In the winter, it is easy for your clothing to get wet, especially if you’re trekking through the snow or the rain. Being wet and cold is a recipe for disaster when you’re camping in the winter, so if you can find a portable wood stove that has folding racks that you can take advantage of, you can have dry clothes when you need them in the morning.    

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Tent Stoves

When you first consider the options that are available on the market, there are several different factors that you may want to consider. Some of the factors that you will want to think about before making a purchase include:  

The Weight of the Stove

The best winter camping stove options come in two different types. The first is a backpacking stove that you can easily carry from location to location without much effort. The second is a larger option that will require a car or another vehicle to transport it from one location to another.

Decide how you’re going to get your stove to your camping destination before you decide which option is going to be best wood burning tent stove for your needs.  

The Ventilation

When you use a camping wood stove in your tent, you are going to need to make sure that you have plenty of ventilation so that the harmful gasses that the stove produces are not kept inside of the tent instead of being left out through vents or the jack pipe.

Typically, this is a pipe that is about three to five inches in diameter, which should match the amount of heat that the stove can release. Some tent stoves already include this pipe, but others will not, so consider if you need one that is premade or you plan on making one yourself before you make a purchase.  

The Capacity of the Stove

These stoves are not all made the same, so you may find that one stove that’s designed to heat food for one person is ideal for you, but if you are traveling with a few others, you are going to want something bigger. Decide which size best fits your needs, and choose an option that works for you.    

Safety Features to Consider for Your Tent

Having a stove inside a tent can be dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions to make sure that everything is secure. One of the features that some tents have that many people will find useful is the bottom of the tent that is designed to be unzipped.

This will allow you to place some fire-retardant material on the ground that will help to make sure that sudden sparks do not have a chance of causing a fire in your tent.  

Accessories to Consider

There are a lot of accessories that you can consider when you’re purchasing a new stove. None of them are really important, but they can add utility to the stove to make it much more versatile. This can include drying racks, cooking surfaces, water reservoirs to produce steam, and even angled pipes so that you can position the stove the way that suits your tent best.    

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a new wood burning tent stove, there are going to be plenty of viable options to consider on the market.   The best tent stove for you may not be the best option for the next survivalist, but that is why we made a list of five different options that you can choose from.

All of our product reviews are great selections, but if we were to pick the one that stands out the most, it would be the TMS Portable Wood Stove for Camping option because it is lightweight, easy to carry, and it even has a rack that can be used to cook food or dry your clothes.

TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove Tent Heater Cot Camp Ice-fishing Cooking Rv
817 Reviews
TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove Tent Heater Cot Camp Ice-fishing Cooking Rv
  • Stove can be used in an outfitters tent with a stove pipe vent; Four (17" long × 2 1/2" diameter) interlocking flue pipe sections
  • Spark arrestor for added safety; Removable dual side cooking tubes can be used for baking potatoes, foil meals, etc.
  • The stove has front and rear air flow regulators and an easy access bottom ash clean-out
  • Top grate is hinged and doubles as a carrying handle when stove is not in use
  • Grate folds to provide flat heating surface on top of stove and can be folded out for drying gloves, socks, small items

Last update on 2021-01-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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