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Best Solar Oven For Cooking On The Go

When you are out in the wild, cooking food is a basic necessity. Without electricity or a gas line, however, doing so can be difficult. Luckily, there are modern alternatives to building a fire and cooking your food survivor-style. Without a doubt, one of the best options is using a solar oven. Apart from being convenient, practical and immediate, this form of cooking can greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on every meal.

Does this sound good? If so, keep reading to find out what our thoughts are on five of the best solar ovens for cooking on the go. In addition to that, we will provide some useful information about solar cookers in general.

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The Best Solar Oven For Cooking On The Go Reviewed

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe

Remarkably lightweight and portable, this product may be a great choice for people who love hiking and backpacking. Reaching temperatures of over 285 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be used to cook a variety of foods. Due to its high-tech insulation system, the heat produced by this cooker is efficiently retained, allowing for its use even in cold seasons.

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete Cookware, Dehydrating Racks and Thermometer

Without a doubt, this product is amazingly practical. Weighing only slightly more than one pound and allowing itself to be folded down to the size of a cushion, it’s fantastically portable. Despite all this, however, it includes everything you could possibly need, including a solar oven thermometer, two baking trays, two dehydrating racks, three pots and a useful carrying bag.

Included with this product are two collapsible silicon pots that can be terribly convenient when packing space is a concern. Even better, because they are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, these pots can be used with other cooking devices as well. Considering all this and its affordable price, we can confidently say that the Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe offers great value.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes thermometer
  • Features silicone collapsible pot


  • Does not produce temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit


GoSun Go Ultra-Portable Solar Cooker

GoSun has various sun cookers available. However, none of them is as portable and convenient as the GoSun Go Ultra-Portable Solar Cooker. Despite its reduced size and low weight, the device is capable of reaching high temperatures quickly and reliably. To make the most out of the sunlight it gets, the solar grill uses a vacuum system that provides the perfect level of insulation.

GOSUN Solar Oven Portable Stove - GoSun Go Camp Stove Solar Cooker | Camping Cookware & Survival Gear | Outdoor Oven & Solar Powered Camping Grill | Camping Stove & Sun Oven For Backpacking & Hiking

Being capable of reaching temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, this sun cooker can bake, roast or steam a meal quickly and effectively. To achieve that amount of heat, the device uses a patented solar technology that absorbs and converts a broad spectrum of radiation, including ultraviolet rays. That feature allows it to function even with partial sunlight.

Even though it’s lightweight, this GoSun product is tough enough to be durable and resistant. Its EVA frame certainly helps its durability as it protects it from the wind as well as dust and other external elements. As if all that wasn’t enough, this product includes a stainless steel cooking tray, a sundial, silicone cooking pans and a useful cleaning brush.


  • Reaches high temperatures very quickly
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Includes a miniature cookbook


  • Cooking tray is not secure or stable


SolCook All Season Solar Cooker Camper

Those who are looking for a large and efficient sunlight cooker would be remiss not to take a look at this product. Featuring a clever design that provides a lot of cooking space when deployed, this product is capable of cooking large amounts of food with a remarkable level of efficiency. Even more than that, its adjustable design allows for continuous cooking no matter what the position of the sun is in the sky.

All Season Solar Cooker (17.0)

Let’s go a bit deeper in regards to this product’s adjustability capabilities. As you know, the sun moves through the sky during the day. In order to make the most out of the sunlight it provides, solar cookers are required to be focused directly on the sun for as long as possible. This product allows you to easily change its position to maximize its use of the available sunlight. To make this even easier, the product includes a simple mechanism that allows you to easily find the best position for it.

Without a doubt, this sun cooker is remarkable due to its size. In fact, it can hold up to two one-gallon pots at the same time, allowing you to cook large amounts of food simultaneously. It should be mentioned, however, that its size makes it somewhat difficult to carry, assemble and clean.


  • Features two different cooking positions
  • Large enough to fit two one-gallon cooking pots at the same time
  • Sunsight included helps focus sunlight more efficiently


  • Difficult to carry and assemble
  • Difficult to clean


Sun Ovens International All American Sun Oven

Featuring a sleek and practical design, the Sun Ovens International All American Sun Oven represents an easy way to cook food while exploring the outdoors. It can be set up in a matter of minutes, resulting in even more convenience. Additionally, despite its compact size, it’s capable of reaching temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

All American Sun Oven- The Ultimate Solar Appliance

Not being foldable or collapsible in any way, the Sun Ovens International All American Sun Oven can be somewhat clunky and bulky. In fact, its box-like shape is not ideal when it comes to portability. However, it does include an ergonomic handle that lessens the product’s carrying difficulties.

Compared with some of the other devices featured on this guide, the International All American Sun Oven may seem a bit coarse. While it is efficient for cooking certain food items, its portability and usability leave a lot to be desired. On the bright side, the product’s design and construction improve its durability and resistance to impact.


  • Completely rust-proof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features powerful aluminum reflectors
  • Great resistance to wind


  • Releases a plastic smell at first


GoSun Sport Portable Cooker

While it is not as portable or compact as the other GoSun product featured in this article, this cooker certainly has a lot of qualities that are worth looking into. Fast, powerful, reliable and very user-friendly, there is no doubt that this device can be greatly beneficial to lovers of outdoor adventures.

GOSUN Survival Gear Solar Oven Sun Cooker

Like the GoSun Go, the GoSun Sport uses a vacuum tube cooking system that has two main functions. The first one is to produce an insulated space where sunlight can be efficiently converted into heat and trapped. The second one is to prevent the resulting heat from reaching the device’s exterior, resulting in perfect safety at all times.

Undoubtedly, this sun cooker stands out due to its incredible efficiency. It is capable of reaching high temperatures quickly and reliably even with limited sunlight available. Combined with its ease of use, that makes it a very convenient option for anyone who can afford it.


  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Perfect insulation keeps its outside cool at all times
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to clean


Best Solar Oven Buyer’s Guide

When Is a Solar Oven Convenient?


When you go camping, the weight of the items you are carrying plays a huge role. If your load is too heavy, your performance will suffer greatly. Even more than that, the weight can cause your body to become strained and even injured over time. For that reason, it’s important to make sure that each one of your items is lightweight and easily portable. Of course, that rule applies to your cooking device and supplies as well.

Because they do not require you to carry additional fuel resources, solar ovens can help you reduce the overall weight of your load by a considerable amount. Even more than that, solar ovens themselves tend to be compact, practical and made of lightweight materials.


When you are backpacking, long periods of time may pass before you can step in a kitchen. If that is the case, a good solar cooking appliance may be the perfect thing to have. As previously mentioned, the fact that you don’t have to carry additional fuel resources can greatly reduce the weight of your load. 

More than that, though, it can spare you from having to go out of your way to get said fuel resources every time you get to a new place on the map.

Living Off the Grid

People who make a conscious decision not to depend on society at large in order to survive and thrive will likely be interested in the self-sufficiency that solar ovens provide.

Emergency Backup

Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to being affected by unforeseen disasters and threatening events. When these trying times come, services like electricity and home gas lines may not be available. If that is the case, a cooker that uses solar power may be the only solution for getting cooked meals consistently and reliably, at least for some time.


Even if many people seem to think otherwise, modern solar cooking devices can be used for barbecuing. While they may not be powerful or speedy enough to efficiently cook larger pieces of meat, they are capable of cooking lamb chops or marinated chicken breasts to perfection. As a result, solar ovens are a great option for enjoying a traditional BBQ even when there are less-than-favorable conditions for doing so.

On the other hand, they can be used as complementary barbecuing devices when guests abound and fuel resources do not.

How Do Solar Cookers Work?

By and large, solar cookers work on a single basic principle: By converting sunlight into heat energy and retaining it, they are able to slowly but surely cook food. Normally, this is accompanied by a continuous process of rotation towards a light source in order to guarantee a consistent input of energy.

To trap the heat energy, solar cookers use a clear heat-resistant plastic bag or cover. However, some solar cookers use an inverted glass bowl or insulated box to achieve the same results. In addition, most solar cookers use some type of protection against winds and other external elements in order to guarantee a constant temperature.

Types of Solar Cookers

There are three main types of solar cookers: Solar panels, solar box cooker and parabolic solar cookers. Up next, we will briefly describe each of them so that you will have a working knowledge going into the reviews.

Solar Panel Cookers

Using reflective panels to direct sunlight onto a central pot, solar panel cookers are capable of quickly and efficiently producing cooking temperatures. Featuring a simple and straightforward design, these devices tend to be affordable, portable and practical.

Solar Box Cookers

Much like solar panel cookers, solar box cookers use reflective panels to concentrate sunlight onto their center. However, they feature an insulated box covered with a transparent plastic or glass cover. This setup helps slowly generate temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to leave food to cook as you would with an electric slow cooker.

Parabolic Solar Cookers

Also known as curved convection solar cookers, parabolic solar cookers focus sunlight onto the bottom or a pot. This allows you to cook like you would using a stove. As a result, parabolic solar cookers are great for frying foods instead of slowly cooking them. A solar stove is efficient and quick. Unfortunately, however, this functioning makes these solar stove products more dangerous than other types of solar cookers.

In Conclusion

Having gone through all the products featured in this article, we are even more convinced of the benefits of having a sun oven when you go on an outdoor adventure. Without a doubt, all of them are worth looking into due to their efficiency, reliability and overall convenience. However, one of these solar ovens stands out among the rest. After extensive testing, we have come to the conclusion that the GoSun Sport is the best solar oven currently on the market.

The product is cleverly designed, made of the best materials possible and expertly constructed. As a result, its performance is flawless even in adverse conditions. At the same time, the cooker is portable and practical, making it a great choice for outdoor adventurers of all kinds.

GOSUN Survival Gear Solar Oven Sun Cooker
  • PORTABLE SOLAR STOVE - Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable package; folding parabolic reflectors protect the cooking tube like a clamshell. Equipped with carrying handles and completely submersible, the Sport is designed for adventure.
  • COOL TO TOUCH - No fire hazard here. The stove’s solar vacuum tube cooking chamber provides a near perfect layer of insulation, keeping the exterior surface cool even while hot inside.
  • EASY AND DELICIOUS - Just load food into the tube cooking chamber and set the camber on the reflector to cook, no monitoring required. This solar oven retains your food’s flavor and nutrition cooking from 360° (like a slow cooker - but faster).
  • FAST AND RELIABLE - Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in full sunlight. The GoSun Sport is effective at capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat. If you can see a defined shadow, you can cook!
  • INCLUDED - Tube cooking chamber, 2 foldable parabolic reflectors, a stainless-steel cooking tray, a rugged scrubby cleaning tool and an instruction manual. GoSun does not require frequent adjustment, making it a low-maintenance, fuel-free cooking device.

Last update on 2021-01-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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