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Best Slingshots for Hunting & Survival

There are a lot of ways to hunt an animal. From guns, traps, and bows, there is no shortage of both modern and traditional methods of capturing prey. However, the vast majority of these methods have significant obstacles to their use in a survival context.

Traps and bows tend to be bulky or awkward to transport. Guns are effective, but not proper for many contexts, and they are useless without bullets. Beyond all of these devices is one of the most ancient yet effective weapons imaginable: the hunting slingshot.

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Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set

It’s often nice to start a review roundup on a high note, and the Easimgo certainly delivers on that. Many times, a comparison test becomes a slog through advantages and disadvantages, where certain features exist on certain models but there is never a unit that truly hits all of the marks. While we will not go so far as to say the Easimgo is perfect, it is certainly a shot in the right direction.

One of the nicest aspects of the Easimgo Slingshot Set is that it is just that: a set. If you intend to use your slingshot for survival work or hunting, it is preferable to be ready to use it from the get-go, rather than being forced to hunt around for all of the needed components. Rather than just a bare slingshot, the Easimgo includes a full complement of components, including the ammunition, a wrist-support, an accessory mount, and three sets of replaceable bands. When we said it was complete, we meant it.

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set, Y Shot Hunting Slingshot for Adults, Wrist Rocket Slingshots, High Velocity Catapult Sling Shot with 100 Ammo Balls and 3 Rubber Bands

The included ammunition is actually two varieties: clay and steel. This provides an excellent opportunity to refine your technique with the clay balls before progressing to the more damaging steel variety. Further, they thoughtfully included a magnet on the wrist-brace to allow quick access to more balls.

Testing revealed that the Easimgo is a respectable slingshot, both powerful and accurate. However, it falls just short of true perfection. There were two primary drawbacks we found. First, the edge of the wrist-support is unfinished and rather sharp. With extended use, this began to dig into our arms and became rather uncomfortable. Further, the grip of the slingshot itself is

highly polished wood. This proved to be a rather slippery gripping service, especially when coupled with the sweaty palms inevitable with tracking a critter.

In total, this kit is a fantastic tool at a great price. Minor finishing tweaks are all it needs to truly become a star.



  • Wrist support is uncomfortable
  • Grip can become slippery


Barnett Cobra Slingshot with Stabilizer and Brace, Model 160433

If the Easimgo above represents the “refined traditional” approach to slingshots, the Barnett Cobra is the new kid in town. There’s no sign of a wood grip or natural-colored bands here; this slingshot is out to gather attention. Luckily, this is a context where attention-seeking behavior should be rewarded.

Aside from its flashy design and colors, the Barnett Cobra is a solid and modern slingshot. The highlight of this model is the grip. Unlike the thin and whispy grips of older slingshots, this unit sports a very confidence-inspiring molded rubber handle. Even after several hours of use, our hand was still comfortable and secure. Further, the wrist-support is rubber and very well padded. Unlike other models, there was no sign of wear or irritation after using this slingshot.

Barnett 160433 Outdoors Cobra Slingshot with Stabilizer and Brace,Red/Black

However, the Cobra is not without its oversights. For one, that wrist-support does not include a magnet. After getting accustomed to the convenience of easy-access ammo in some of the other models, we found ourselves missing this inclusion. Further, the Cobra lacks an accessory mount. This may not be a big issue for many, but it would have been a nice inclusion. There is a sight-mount, but it uses a proprietary fixture and we found its use to be marginal at best.

Our largest complaint with the Cobra is its portability or rather lack of it. There is no real way to get around how large this slingshot is. The wrist-support, while sturdy, is large and difficult to remove. This greatly limited the Cobra’s ability to be stashed in a back pocket or small bag.

If you are looking for a comfortable and competent slingshot, there is a lot to like about the Cobra. However, be prepared for the difficulties of storing it.


  • Fantastic grip
  • Very comfortable


  • No accessory mount
  • Does not fold


Rochan Professional Outdoor Catapult Slingshot

In a world full of Hondas, someone is bound to release the next Lamborghini. From first glance, it is clear that the Rochan is an entirely different beast from traditional slingshots. Anyone familiar with compound bows will immediately spot numerous similarities with the Rochan, and that is not a coincidence. The Rochan is designed to use a pivot and lever system to amplify the projecting force without requiring an overly burdensome draw-weight. In some ways, it succeeds in this goal, but in others, it becomes more marginal.

Rochan Slingshot Professional Outdoor Catapult Stainless Wooden Launching Bands Wrist High Velocity Rocket Hunting Slingshots for Adults 4 Catapults Replacement Bands 100 Ammo

The Rochan is large and fairly complex. Unlike the simple mechanisms of a normal slingshot, the entire top of this tool is bedecked with pivots, springs, and levers. You might assume that this means the Rochan is the most powerful slingshot in this lineup, and you’d be right – kind of. In testing, the Rochan proved to be very powerful, but also somewhat inconsistent. If you were able to pre-load the spring mechanism properly, it could deliver some truly impressive shots. However, we’re not convinced that the added complexity is worth the additional cost and weight.

In terms of features, all of the boxes are ticked. There is a comfortable wrist-support, an ammo magnet, two accessory mounts, and replaceable bands. Further, given the force of the launch, the draw weight is very low. If you are looking for a slingshot to use recreationally, this is a fun albeit expensive option. However, the size and nuances of the Rochan make it less than ideal for survival or hiking situations.


  • Can be very powerful
  • Lots of nice features
  • Looks very cool


  • Very large
  • Complicated
  • Expensive


Daisy B52 Slingshot

If the Rochan is the Lamborghini of slingshots, the Daisy B52 is the bicycle. The thing is, sometimes bicycles are just what you need.

The B52 is an exercise in simplicity, but it covers all of the needed bases. The handle is simple and plastic but provides an excellent grip. The pouch is large and very easy to aim. The wrist-support is comfortable and, while lacking an ammo magnet, it is very comfortable. You aren’t going to find any superlatives here, but you also won’t find many drawbacks.

Daisy B52 Slingshot

In use, the Daisy is a joy to fire. The simplicity of this slingshot provides a very direct and natural feeling that made hitting the mark just a little bit simpler. This is also an incredibly light machine, so pocketing it was a trivial task.

In the context of a survival tool, the goal is often to find the cheapest and easiest solution to the problem, and the Daisy is an excellent fit. For the price of one Rochan, you could get ten B52’s, and we struggle to say that it delivers a tenth of the performance. If you are just getting into slingshots, or want a backup to toss in your bag in case you need it, this is an option not to be missed.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Effective


  • May not be the most robust
  • Slightly underpowered


COOY Rocket Hunting Slingshot

The COOY was a difficult slingshot to review. On paper, it is an almost flawless model. The few complaints we had against the Easimgo, such as the difficult-to-fold wrist-support, were solved by the COOY. It has our preferred silicone bands. Is has an accessory mount. So far, so good, right?

COOY Slingshot,Wrist Sling Rocket Professional Hunting Slingshot with Heavy Duty Launching Bands, High Velocity Catapult

The COOY has one major flaw, and unfortunately, it’s a fairly impactful one. Unlike the plastic or wood bodies of the other models I reviewed, the COOY Rocket is cast metal. This does not seem like it would be a problem, but it proved to be a rather poor choice for a slingshot. On warm days, leaving this slingshot out in the sun for a few minutes often made it too hot to comfortably touch. On cold nights, the metal would draw the heat from your hands, quickly making them numb. Quite simply, it is an uncomfortable experience.

Beyond the material choice, the COOY is a perfectly fine slingshot. The draw weight is slightly too heavy for our tastes, but we’re sure others would find it perfectly fine. It fires well and is a great value. But for our use, the material is a substantial drawback. 


  • Very nice wrist-support
  • Folds neatly
  • Great value


  • Metal body is uncomfortable
  • Heavy draw weight


Why Should You Choose a Slingshot?

In the context of survival, the slingshot is perhaps the perfect tool. It is compact, can use improvised ammunition, and requires minimal exertion to operate. Yet despite these upsides, it remains an effective and humane method for capturing small game for survival. Due to its inherently low cost and compact dimensions, a slingshot needn’t be your only weapon. Rather, it can also serve as an ideal last-ditch survival technique when your other methods have been exhausted.

While the utility of a slingshot is undeniable, not all models are created equally. There are numerous features and considerations that should be made to prudently select the best hunting slingshot. Here are the most important features to look for when reading hunting slingshot reviews.

Find a Model with a Relatively Low Draw Weight

When browsing various models of slingshot weapon, you might be tempted to assume that the strongest tension leads to the best weapon. Generally, a slingshot should have a draw weight of approximately 45 lbs. While much heavier numbers are available, the additional strain required to operate heavier-gauge models can lead to fatigue or reduced accuracy.

Regarding draw pressure, the material used for the bands also plays a significant role. Typically, a natural-rubber-based material will lead to a shorter and less progressive draw-action. In contrast, a silicone band will have a longer draw that feels more “springy.” We prefer the progressive feeling of a silicone band, but your preferences may differ. There isn’t a right answer here; think of it as the difference in trigger feel between a 9mm Glock and a .357 Magnum. Neither is necessarily better, but you want to experiment to see which you prefer.

You Want An Easy to Grip Pouch

Intimately related to the band is the pouch used to launch the projectiles. This is arguably the most crucial component of any competent slingshot. The best slingshot will have a wide pouch that easily accommodates improvised projectiles. The pouch width is not only important for the capacity but it also facilitates a much more ergonomic grip while in use.

Beyond just the dimensions, look for a model that has a reinforced or particularly sturdy pouch. Given the narrow points of tension, this is often the first point of failure, so quality here is crucial. 

A Wrist Stabilizer is a Must-Have

Unlike the toy slingshots of childhood, the amount of force that must be applied to a professional slingshot is quite significant. This means that grasping a simple pistol grip can be difficult or even impossible. Further, any reward application of force will naturally draw the aim of the slingshot upwards.

To solve these issues, most slingshots have adopted a wrist stabilizer to reduce the amount of force necessary to properly grip the weapon. While this feature is almost ubiquitous, there are still models on the market that lack this crucial inclusion.

When evaluating wrist stabilizers, look for a model with a wide and nicely padded contact surface. The more you can reduce fatigue on your arms and wrist, the more equipped you will be to face a survival situation. Many companies also incorporate a magnet into the stabilizer as a means of storing additional ammo. In the heat of tracking an animal, it is extremely nice to have a quickly accessible means of reloading.

Foldability Can Greatly Increase the Utility of Your Slingshot Weapon

In many contexts, the primary advantage of a slingshot is its exceptional portability. As mentioned, most modern slingshots incorporate a wrist stabilizer.

While a crucial feature for accuracy, this addition can also lead to making a compact tool significantly bulkier. Thus, our preference is to find slingshots that have a foldable design, granting you the best of both worlds.

Replaceable Cables Make For a Serviceable Tool

Few things are more frustrating than owning a tool that you love that can no longer be used due to do poor design or serviceability. One of the most likely failure points on a slingshot is the bands themselves. Whether they are silicone or rubber, fatigue will eventually weaken the bands and force them to be replaced. Some designs permanently affix the bands to the body of the slingshot, making replacement difficult or even impossible. This is not only frustrating but also costly.

Thus, the best slingshots will employ a design that allows the bands to be easily replaced, adjusted, and serviced. The mechanisms vary, but as long as the bands are capable of being changed, you should be fine.

Consider Whether Accessories are Supported

For those accustomed to the toy slingshots of childhood, the idea of a “slingshot accessory” may seem foreign.  However, these are legitimate hunting weapons, and as such, some additions make the task of hunting easier. The most common accessory is a flashlight or laser-sight mount, typically affixed to the bottom of the slingshot. Besides, many of the best slingshots feature interchangeable sights to assist with the aim.

These can be extremely useful additions, but not all slingshots support them. Thus, if you intend to use your slingshot for serious survival, consider looking for one with a mount for attaching accessories.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the key features and qualities to look for in a survival slingshot, let’s take a look at some specific models.


As with any comparison, the winner will depend on two primary factors: what you need, and the size of your budget.

For those that want a fully-featured and hugely enjoyable slingshot for all uses, the Easimgo is hard to beat. With few exceptions, they hit the mark.

However, for those looking for a less expensive or more compact option, it would be a mistake to overlook the Daisy B52.

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set, Y Shot Hunting Slingshot for Adults, Wrist Rocket Slingshots, High Velocity Catapult Sling Shot with 100 Ammo Balls and 3 Rubber Bands
  • PROFESSIONAL SLINGSHOT: Y shot slingshots with high velocity, accurate and powerful. magnetic leather hold the ammo more sturdily and easier.
  • REMINDS YOU OF YOUR CHILDHOOD: You will back to unforgettable childhood memory --when I was younger and did a lot of hunting with a sling shot! Also can share happy time with your friends, family!
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It is heavily constructed and molded to fit well in the hand. Adjustable wrist brace design makes the ejection base more stable. Ergonomic grip handle is more comfortable and easy to use.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Not only a fun entertainment choice, but also great for eye and attention training, entertainment, competition and outdoor hunting.
  • PACKAGE: 1 slingshot with 3pcs high tension rubber bands, 50pcs hard clay balls, 50pcs steel ammo and 3pcs screw keys.

Last update on 2020-07-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Daisy B52 Slingshot
  • Extra Wide Fork
  • Flexible Wrist Support Provides Steady
  • Stable Support Then Folds Away
  • Shoots 1/4" or 3/8" steel and 1/2" glass shot
  • Black solid steel frame with extra-wide forks

Last update on 2020-07-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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