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Best Gas Masks : Personal Protection for Unexpected Hazards

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If you’re looking for protection so that you’re not breathing in something harmful when an unexpected event occurs, then you are going to need to know what to look for in the best gas masks. In this guide, we will discuss some of the things that you’ll need to know about a survival gas mask.

Let’s take a look at five different options that you can choose between when you’re selecting the best gas mask for your needs.

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Best Gas Mask Reviews

PD-101 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator Mask

The fist mask that we are going to review in this guide is a full face mask that’s designed to protect you from multiple substances. It will keep pesticides, chemicals, and health concerns at bay; it will be useful for a variety of different jobs and uses. The filters that are used can also easily be replaced when they become too contaminated.

Industrial Organic Vapor & Particulate Reusable Respirator – Full Warranty – ASTM Tested – PD-101, T-61, P-A-3

The mask is designed so that it is durable as well, so your face will be protected from flying debris in an emergency, and you will not be exposed to strong odors and gasses. The face mask is impact resistant, so you will always be safe, and the respirator is designed to create circulation so that the lens never fogs up. There is a diaphragm in the mask that will allow you to communicate with the mask on your face.


  •  This mask is straightforward to adjust when it is on your face
  • The seal is secure and very comfortable
  • The face shield does not fog up when you breathe


  • This mask does not work that well with most glasses
  • The product is compatible with 3m filters, but it does not come with one


Muhubaih Full Face Gas and Dust Mask

The next mask that we are going to review is a great option to use when there is dust, gas, and chemicals in the air that you do not want to breathe. This means that it’s a great mask to use when an unexpected hazard occurs because it has a good bit of coverage. The mask is compatible with several filters, but it does not actually come with one, so you’ll need to buy the filter that you need separately.

The mask has a silicone seal that is designed to be more comfortable on your skin. It creates an excellent seal that will make sure the air that you’re breathing is not contaminated, and it even comes with a respirator that will allow you to talk while wearing it. The lens of the mask is also very wide so that you have a larger field of view while wearing the mask.


  • The straps of the mask are easy to use and easy to secure
  • The visibility of this mask is amazing compared to many of its competitors


  • The mask tends to put a bit of pressure on the bridge of your nose when you wear it

PD-100 Full Face Respirator Mask

This is a mask that is similar to the first one we’ve reviewed because it’s manufactured by the same company. This specific model is designed to protect you from inhaling 95 % of the particles that are in the air, which includes dust, pesticides, and other chemicals that could be dangerous to breathe. The filters can easily be swapped in and out, and a variety of different options can be used with this mask.

PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor & Particulate Respirator - Dual Activated Charcoal Filtration - Full Face Eye Protection

The face shield is a very durable option that will be able to withstand an impact and keep you safe in a hazardous situation. One of the main things of note is that the shield that you look through is designed to stay clear when its on your face, so the air that is circulated through the device will allow you to see without being hindered.


  • The seal is tight and secure, even for individuals that have facial hair
  • The mask stays clear, so you’ll be able to see around you even if there is a lot of humidity in the air
  • This mask is compatible with several different filters


  • The mask is a little on the smaller side, so it will not work with all glasses


Vktech Industrial Gas, Chemical, and Dust Respirator Mask 

The Vktech mask is a great option to consider when you need to protect yourself from dust, chemicals, or gas. It is actually designed as two separate pieces of gear, so you’ll have the mask and the respirator to use. The respirator is fitted with two charcoal activated air filters, which can easily be changed to help guard against different contaminants.

Vktech Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles Set (Style A)

The mask has a lens that resembles a diving mask. The part that goes around your face is made out of a soft, silicone gel that will be comfortable to wear. It also creates a very secure seal that will not allow you to breathe contaminated air. Both parts of the mask have an elastic band to keep the respirator and the face lens in place. In addition, the lens is a durable polyurethane material that’s designed with impact resistance to make it more durable.


  • This mask comes in two sections, which can be convenient if you don’t need eye protection
  • This mask can easily be adjusted to accommodate the shape of your face
  • Breathing with the respirator on your face is easy


  • You will need to create a seal on both the mask and the respirator to be fully protected


Vilong M04 Tactical Protection Mask

The final mask that we are going to look at in this guide is one that was manufactured by Vilong. It is a full face mask that’s designed to be durable, and because of the impact resistance, the lens that protects the eyes will never be broken. It is also shock-resistant, so if you happen to drop the mask, it will not be broken.

VILONG M04 Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask, Full Face Eye Protection Skull Dummy Game Mask with Dual Filter Fans Adjustable Strap for BB Gun CS Cosplay (Black Mask) (Black)

The plastic is thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a durable material that you can comfortably put on your face. To keep the mask in place, there are three nylon straps that can be adjusted to fit your head better so that the seal is secure when you need it to be. Since the eye space is separated in the middle, the field of view may not be as wide as it is with other masks, but it is also designed to be fog-resistant, so you can always see out of the eye protection.


  • It has a very fresh look that many cosplayers can use for apocalypse fun
  • The material is very durable, which means that you can drop it without damaging it
  • If it fits properly, the seal is very secure


  • This mask is a bit on the small side when it comes to sizing
  • It could be more comfortable on your nose


Let’s Look at Why You May Need a Mask for Protection

Gas masks are not something that you’re going to need to have every day, but if you’re going to be in a survival situation where your health could be compromised by breathing in air that’s contaminated with something. Using one could be required.

Law enforcement officers and first responders will have access to these masks, but what if you’re not one of these individuals? What could having a mask in your home protect you against?

Some threats that you will need to be aware of include:

  • Chemical Threats: This could include serious threats like toxic chemicals, nerve agents, and many different types of gases.
  • Biological Threats: This category will include microorganisms that could be harmful. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses will fall into this threat category.
  • Radiological Threats: This is a threat that includes radioactive particles that may be in the air that has been released from a bomb that was dropped nearby.
  • Nuclear Threats: This will be radioactive fallout that comes from a nuclear weapon, a nuclear reactor, or another nuclear device.

Types of Respirators

When getting a mask to make sure that the air that you’re breathing is clean, you’ll need to know which type of respirator the mask has. There are two different types of respirators that you can get, which are air-purifying respirators and atmosphere supplying respirators.

Let’s take a look at both categories to make sure that you fully understand the differences:

Air Purifying Respirators

These filters are designed to specifically clean contaminants from the air that you are breathing. These include escape respirators that are used to make sure that you can get out of an area that’s contaminated with a dangerous substance.

Simple respirators designed to keep airborne particles from the air that you’re breathing like surgical masks are also included in this category.

Most of the air-purifying respirators that you’re going to want to have around are full-face respirators, which is the type that this guide focuses on.

Atmosphere Supplying Respirators

This is a type of mask that will provide the user with air that’s not contaminated. This can be called a self-contained breathing apparatus, and it is very similar to a tank that a scuba diver would use to breathe under the water.

When you use this type of respirator, there is no need for filters because the air that you will be breathing is from a completely different source.

Gas Mask Filters

A gas mask filter is required for most of these masks, and the different filters will help to determine how good the mask actually is. To tell which filter is designed to combat which contamination risk, there is a little colored dot on the filter that will indicate what it can protect you against.

If it can protect against a few things, there may be multiple dots on the filter. If you’re worried about a specific type of contaminant, then make sure that you have a filter that can keep you safe from it. Even if the mask does not come with the filter that you need, finding a good one that fits and will allow you to change the filter to what you need. 

Let’s take a look at the color-coding system:

  • A white dot: particles
  • A brown dot: organic gases and vapors
  • A gray dot: Inorganic gases and vapors
  • A yellow dot: acidic gases
  • A green dot: ammonia and organic derivatives
  • A blue dot: nitrogen oxides
  • A red dot: mercury vapors
  • A black dot: carbon monoxide
  • An orange dot: radioactive iodine

The Rating System for Masks

All of these masks will have to adhere to the standards that were set by government agencies to make sure that citizens are using masks that will keep them safe.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has standards that are designed to protect you, and their rating applies to both the filter and the mask. All of the masks that are in the European Economic Area should be marked with a CE, which stands for European Conformity. This shows that it meets all environmental, safety, and health requirements that have been set forth for your protection.

Other Factors to Consider

When you’re purchasing a gas mask to keep you protected from unexpected hazards, you’re going to want to take a few things into consideration before you do. These include:

The Fit of The Mask

Not all masks are going to have the same design, so they may fit your face differently.

The most important thing to remember is that these masks are designed to keep you from breathing in harmful chemicals and other substances, so you’ll need to make sure that the mask is snug to your face, and the outside air cannot seep through the space between the mask and your face.

If it fits too loosely, then the mask is not going to work for your needs.

The Comfort of The Mask

In addition to fitting snuggly, you’ll want the mask to be comfortable on your face, especially if you’re going to be wearing it for an extended period. If you have the option to try on the mask before making a purchase, it may be in your best interest.

The Ability to Speak

If you cannot breathe the air outside, you will need to talk through the mask. Some of these respirators have a speech diaphragm that will make this much simpler to do.

The Ability to Drink

When wearing these masks, you may need to drink some water. Some of these gas masks will have a straw already designed into the mask that will not let the air into the mask, so you can use that and a canteen that connects to the straw to get a drink.

The Compatibility with Glasses

Not all of the masks that you find on the market are going to be the same size, so if you wear glasses, it is vital to make sure that they fit correctly under the mask without compromising the seal.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we have looked at some of the best gas masks that you can find on the market. If we were to select one that stood out above the rest, it would be the PD-101 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator Mask.

It has a very durable design that comes with an excellent filtration system, is compatible with other filters, and comes with a full warranty. If you wear glasses, this mask may not fit, so make sure that you try it on before you make the purchase.

Industrial Organic Vapor & Particulate Reusable Respirator – Full Warranty – ASTM Tested – PD-101, T-61, P-A-3
  • PROFESSIONAL HEAVY DUTY FILTRATION SYSTEM – Dual Activated Charcoal filters, & full face impact resistant lens
  • FULL WARRANTY – Be confident in your investment! Visit our website to register or file claims
  • USA DISTRIBUTED – HIGH QUALITY – Premium full-face mask. We have a 100% money back guarantee!
  • MULTI PURPOSE PROTECTION – The perfect mask for working with chemicals and other toxic substances. Including chemical laboratory, inspection equipment, and environmental technology

Last update on 2021-09-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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