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Best Camping Stove Reviews

person in wilderness ignites camping stove to boil water

While it’s great that many of us can create a fire or impromptu stove with logs and brush, what happens when it’s just rained or when these materials are scarce?

This is when the best camping stove can really come in handy. These stoves are usually propane-powered, so you can cook your food or boil your water without the need for wood.

In most situations, these are lightweight, so they’ll fit easily in a bug out bag, and you’ll be able to carry them with you, even when you’re trying to survive in the wilderness.

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Reviews of the Best Camping Stove Products

Jetboil Zip Cooking System

One of the best features of this product, which was manufactured by Jetboil, is its quick heating. With this stove, you can boil water in a little over two minutes, so you can reliably purify it or boil your favorite foods. The product is called the “Zip” because of the fact that the device is super-portable. The device only weighs about 12 ounces, so you really won’t notice it in your bags. The burner on this product has a 4,500-BTU design, which is pretty good when you consider the cooking space.

Jetboil Zip Camping Stove Cooking System, Carbon

It comes with a “Jet Power” can that’ll let you boil up to 12 liters of water, which definitely can be convenient when you’re out in the wild. Despite being a propane camp stove, this product has match ignition, which means that you can ignite it with a simple lighter or match.


  • The bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup or bowl
  • The match ignition system is very convenient and reliable
  • The 12-ounce design is great for portability
  • The product has a pour spout


  • You’re not going to be really using this for the preparation of many foods outside of oatmeal and foods that require boiling water


Lixada Camping Stove Wood Burning Stove

The design of this Lixada product is relatively unique, and you may appreciate its functionality because it uses an abundant fuel source: wood. This wood-burning stove makes it very easy to create heat because you just feed in wood pieces and twigs into the base. As a result, there aren’t many components, but you can quickly start it by simply lighting the wood. This is one of the best camping stoves for outdoor use because it’s constructed of weather-resistant stainless steel that won’t rust during your trip. It’s also very easy to use and provides a fairly compact space for your heating needs.

Lixada Camping Wood Stove Folding Lightweight Stainless Steel Wood Burning Backpacking Stove for Outdoor Cooking Picnic Hunting

The cooktop is also very spacious; you’ll easily be able to boil water or heat medium-sized pots over the wood fire. The base is also wide enough to support your pots, so you won’t have to concern yourself about whether the Lixada stove is going to tip over.


  • It comes with a convenient storage bag
  • It has very few moving components
  • The materials used will prevent the Lixada stove from rusting or corroding
  • Wood will produce enough heat to boil water quickly
  • It’s easy to set up


  • Wood has a tendency to produce a lot of smoke when cooking


Bisgear 12pcs Camping Cookware Stove

The standout feature of this product is how all-inclusive it is; not only does it provide the means to heat your food, but it also includes several other components that can be useful during your camping trip. These include a medium- and small-sized saucepan, three utensils for eating, a carabiner clip, a utility tool that has a corkscrew and bottle opener head, a cloth for handling hot surfaces, and a mesh carry bag. Both of the saucepans have deployable handles that close around their exteriors so that they don’t jut out when you’re carrying them.

Bisgear 12pcs Camping Cookware Stove Canister Stand Tripod Folding Spork Wine Opener Carabiner Set Outdoor Camping Hiking Backpacking Non-Stick Cooking Non-Stick Picnic Knife Spoon Dishcloth

All in all, this is a fairly comprehensive set that will allow you to cook at a moment’s notice. We especially like the fact that the cooking portion of this product uses a piezo ignition-based system, so you can more reliably start up the heat. As you might expect, this is a propane-based product, and a one-pound canister is all that’s needed. 


  • The utensils are very convenient
  • The inclusion of two pots means that you can store two foods simultaneously
  • It all folds together and can be stored on the carabiner
  • The saucepans are constructed out of rust-resistant material


  • The burner is a bit small for the provided saucepans


Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove

Our fourth product has a clamshell design that really boosts its portability. It’s another part of the Jetboil product line, and it has a two-burner design that’ll allow you to cook two foods at once, which is a first in this list. Both sides lay flat and provide a heating surface, which means that preparing breakfast can be super easy – just cook your eggs on one side and your bacon/sausage on the other. The product includes a five-liter pot and a frying pan, so creating breakfasts like this is very easy.

Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove

While it’s not the lightest product in this guide about the best camping stoves, it’s nine-pound weight shouldn’t be much of an issue, especially when measuring it against the convenience of this camp stove. Each burner has a 10,000-BTU output, and the product is capable of boiling water in about three minutes.


  • A single one-pound canister of propane will allow you to boil 48 liters of water
  • The clamshell design lets you cook two items at once
  • It comes with a five-liter saucepan and a frying pan
  • The regulator allows you to control the heat level while simmering
  • It can be connected to other stoves


  • While not a deal-breaker, some may not appreciate the nine-pound weight
  • It’s a bit on the pricier side


Canway Camping Stove, Wood Stove / Backpacking Stove

Our final product is another wood-burning stove that’s designed to use the most plentiful source of fuel that can be found while you’re out in the wilds. The product has a canister-esque design, so it’s relatively stable while you’re cooking up your favorite campfire foods. Canway created this product out of stainless steel, so you can expect it to last for a long time and not corrode or rust when it gets exposed to the elements.

The product is also very compact and portable; it’s perfectly cylindrical, so fitting it in a bug out bag will be easy. Since it burns wood, there will also be no need for alcohol or other harsh chemicals, which means that the product has a better carbon footprint than some other products.


  • The combustion chamber is reasonably spacious
  • This is a very stable product
  • The stainless steel is easy to clean and won’t rust
  • The level of heat is impressive


  • The shiny stainless steel tends to draw a lot of carbon charring

Reasons to Get a Camp Stove

While it’s nice to be able to make your own fire, camp stoves can be very useful when you’re out in the wilds. In most cases, they are designed to be very portable, and they have simple operations that make them very convenient. Here are a few ways that they can shine during your next camping adventure or when you’re in a survival situation:

They are easy to use

One of these products can really make food prep easy. It’s important to understand that most are propane-powered, so you’ll just have to hook up your one-pound portable tank and literally hit something like a piezo starter in order to generate a flame.

This is quick and easy, so you can put your raw food almost immediately atop the grilling surface or just use the created heat to provide you and your family with reliable warmth for hours.

There are very few required materials

With the exception of a propane tank, which will usually be about a pound, you have very little to carry with one of these portable products. A typical one-pound propane tank also has a lot of versatility; many of these products will heat water up to 48 times, so you’ll be able to use the best camp stove multiple times over multiple trips without depleting the tank. Many of these will even boil water in a three or four minute period, which allows you to quickly get to the next thing at hand.

These don’t create much smoke

When you’re working with a propane camping stove, you’ll find that there’s not much smoke being generated as you cook. This not only removes an annoying factor since a mere wind change can cause campfire smoke to blow directly into your face, but it also provides you with a far less obvious camping situation; without smoke, it’s not obvious to others that you’re in the immediate area. It’s important to note that this might not be the case with a wood-based stove.

The setup is simple, and the use is familiar

With one of these, you won’t have to do a whole lot to get a nice level of heating going. Usually, you’ll just unfold or deploy the system and attach the canister, and you’re ready to go. Also, when cooking like this, you might find it nice and familiar; these stoves are not unlike gas-powered grills or even standard range tops, so you won’t have to adjust to a new way of cooking.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Propane Camping Stove

Clearly, these are definitely products that bring with them a certain level of utility, but what should you look for when you’re buying one?

In this section, we’re going to show you some of the features that you should consider when purchasing a propane camping stove for outdoor adventures and survival:

How Portable is it?

The last thing you want is to have to lug an unwieldy stove with you from place to place. This would be the height of inconvenience, and it kind of defeats the purpose. For this reason, you should always consider a stove that weighs less than 10 pounds – it’ll save you a sore back! Also, dimensionality is essential; the more compact the stove, the easier it’ll be to fit within the confines of your bag, and the easier it’ll be for you to bring along other necessities for your trip or in a survival situation.

How Fast Does it Heat?

While this isn’t going to save your life in a pinch, it’s definitely going to increase the utility of the product you buy. Sometimes, you may want to boil materials like snow to ensure that you can survive a little bit longer out in the wilderness, and some of the products heat at entirely different rates. For example, some may take up to nine minutes to heat up fully, while others are designed to heat in as little as three minutes. Also, you’ll want a product with a nice and even heating profile so that simmering foods can be done reliably.

What are the Materials Used?

While you definitely won’t want to keep one of these out in the rain, having them be a bit weather-resistant can be helpful when you’re outdoors. To ensure this, most will have to be made of the right materials. The materials will also be necessary when you’re considering durability because the last thing you’ll want is to have your stove break when you need it the most. Look for tougher, weather-protected materials so that you can rely on the product.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best camping stove can be difficult, but we hope that our guide on the five best on the market helps you find the product that can help you keep warm and well-fed on your next trip. These products even have extensive versatility when you’re in a genuine survival situation, so take another look at our guide to figure out which works best for your needs. 

Each of the products that we have selected provides a ton of practical utility, but if we were to select a winner, it would be the Jetboil Genesis; its two-burner design, fast cooking, and included pans can help you stay prepared for just about any situation.

Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove
85 Reviews
Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove
  • Jetboil dual-burner design functions as a standalone stove or couples with other Jet link-compatible stoves or a Luna satellite burner to create an outdoor cooking range.
  • Ideal for all of your cooking needs in the outdoors, The beastly 10, 000 BTU heating system also boils water in just over three minutes—perfect for melting snow or making coffee.
  • The Genesis is designed specifically for Jetboil's versatile line of cookware, including the Jetboil Frypan, 5L Flux Pot, and more.
  • An attachable windscreen improves the system's performance in any weather; The efficient, compact folding design fits handily in small spaces.
  • Includes system carrying bag with pocket for regulator; compatible with standard 16. 4-Ounce propane bottle; weighs 6. 2 pounds. One-year limited .

Last update on 2022-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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