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Best Bow Sight Reviews 2020

You may think that the quality of hunting you can do when you’re out in the woods has to do with the type of bow that you use. However, your aim is going to be a crucial aspect to consider when you’re hunting as well.  

With that being said, you should take the time to make sure you have an excellent bow sight on your hunting gear. How do you know which one is best for your needs?  

In this guide, we’ll take a look at five different bow sights that are worth considering:  

After that we will take a look at the different types of bow sights, and some of the features that are important to have so be sure to check out our buyers guide at the end of this article for some considerations to make before purchasing a bow sight.

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Best Bow Sight Reviews

TRUGLO XS Xtreme Ultra-Lightweight Bow Sight

The first bow sight that we are going to look at in this guide is one that is manufactured by Truglo. It is a lightweight option that is made out of carbon, which is only about 4.2 ounces in weight. The product has a five pin design that is great for adjustability.  

TRUGLO Carbon XS Xtreme Ultra-Lightweight Carbon-Composite Bow Sight, Realtree Xtra Camo  

It is designed to bring any excess light that is around to the pins so that you can see what you are aiming at. This will eliminate the glare that most LED lights bring into your view, and it will add additional brightness as you aim at dusk and dawn. There is also a LED light that can be removed from the sight when it’s not required.  


  • This sight comes in three different color options
  • The pins reflect light well when you are using them to target
  • The five pin setup of this product is very good for most hunters


  • There are no micro adjustment lines so that you can mark exactly where the pins need to be


Field Logic IQ Compound Bow Archery Sight

If you like to have options when it comes to your hunting game, then this is a bow sight that offers a lot of versatility. I really like how this sight comes with the option of using three, five, or seven pins, so you can base your choice on your specific needs while you are hunting. It also has micro adjustment knobs that can help you to adjust to the wind and elevation on each shot.  

IQ Bowsights 7-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Right Hand  

The sight can be mounted to the left or the right side of the bow as well. In addition, this product is designed with retina lock technology, so you’ll be able to shoot longer distances without an issue. You will also get any feedback based on the torque and the anchor point of your shot, which will help you perfect the muscle memory that you use when you shoot.  


  • The retina lock is a great way to improve your form
  • The knobs that are used to adjust the sight are straightforward to use
  • The small pins are great for most bow hunters


  • There are only two pin colors, and only one of the pins has the amber coloration, which means that you cannot set a color to a distance


Trophy Ridge React Pro Bow Sight

This is a great option that is made by Trophy Ridge. It is a sight that is designed with five pins that can easilybe adjusted to give you the shot that you need, every time. It also has micro-click options that will make it easier to adjust for wind and elevation.  

Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight  

The sight itself is made out of solid aluminum, which will give you the durability that you need to have a good sight that works for several hunting seasons. The unit also has a third axis adjustment as well that can help to improve your accuracy levels when you make a shot. The ring around the pins is also designed to glow in low light situations, which will make it easier to aim.  


  • This is a very durable option that works on most bows
  • This is a sight that is very simple to install
  • Adjusting this sight is a breeze, and it can be done without any tools


  • The range that you can get with this sight could be better


Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

This is another Trophy Ridge option that is available with three, five, or seven pins so that you can choose the style that matches your hunting needs with ease. The micro pins on the sights are all adjustable so that you can easily get the accuracy level that you are looking for with each shot.  

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight 5 Pin Bow Sight  

The pins are designed with fiber optics that will make them glow in low light situations, and the accent ring around the pins is green. This makes it easier to line up your shot and take aim. You can also easily adjust the sight for any wind and elevation that you may face when you are hunting.  


  • The onboard tool makes it very simple to adjust this sight
  • It is easy to install
  • It comes with a rheostat light, which is excellent to improve your accuracy in lower light


  • It is only available as a right-handed sight


HHA Optimizer Lite 5519

The final bow sight that we are going to be reviewing in this guide is one that is manufactured by HHA. This is a scope that is designed with a single pin, so you will have all of the accuracy and the distance that you need when you’re hunting. In fact, the pin can be adjusted from 20 yards to 80 yards with ease.  

HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-5519 LH  

It’s also a very durable model, but it is not going to fit well with all bows, so you will need to make sure that it is compatible with yours by checking to see if it works with your model number.


  • The accuracy level of this sight is amazing
  • It’s ideal for more experienced archers
  • It’s very simple to install


  • This sight does not work with all bows


Different Types of Bow Sights to Consider

There are several different types of bow sights that you’ll need to consider before you make a purchase. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it will be up to your specific needs when you choose the one that works best.  

Fixed Pin Sights

This is the cheapest type of bow sight that you can find on the market, which also makes it the most popular choice among bow hunters.   It is straight forward to install on your bow, and these can be extremely accurate, but the pin can only be moved to 20, 30, or 40 yards in the field, so to be 100 percent accurate, you will need to learn how to shoot using the closest pin to your target.  

Movable Pin Sights

If you are using this type of sight, you’re likely only to have one pin that you’ll need to adjust as you’re hunting. This is a type of sight that takes practice to perfect gauging how far away your target is from you. It can be adjusted vertically, but many beginners prefer this ability to customize their shot on the fly.  

Pendulum Sights

This is a sight option that’s very similar to the movable pin option that has a single pin. The pin is positioned differently to make elevated shooting simpler.  

This is a sight that many hunters who hunt from a tree stand consider for their hunting gear. They take a bit to calibrate, so this type of sight may not be ideal for a beginner.  

Target Sights

This is the type of sight that is often used by Olympic level archers. The pin can be moved both horizontally and vertically, which gives it the most precision. With so much versatility, this type of bow sight will take some practice to perfect. You will need to adjust for height and wind when using this sight, which is why it is not recommended for a beginner.

Considerations to Make Before a Purchase

As with any new purchase that you make, finding a new bow sight will require you to take a few features into consideration. Some of the most important ones include:  


When it comes to your new bow sight, the durability of the product is going to be one of the main things that you’ll want to consider to make sure that it lasts for a long time.  

This means that you’re going to want to find a lightweight aluminum option that is made with high-quality materials. Plastic models are simply not going to be as durable, but they can be a short term option that’s worth considering.  

The Quality of the Pins

When you are looking for a well built bow sight, one of the most important considerations that you’ll need to make is the quality of the pins that you will be using to aim for your target. In general, the smaller the pin is, the better the quality of it will be. However, that is not the only thing to consider.  

How many pins do you need your sight to have? The more pins you have, the more ranges that you can set, but these additional pins can also hinder your view instead of making it easier to hit the target.  

You can choose to have three, five, or seven pins on your sight, so select the option that feels the most comfortable for you. Also, if you do choose a sight that has a lot of pins, you will need to take the spacing of the pins into account as well. Thicker pins make it more difficult to space the pins properly so that they do not block your view of the target.

Ease of Installation

Another essential aspect to consider when you are looking for a new bow sight is how easy it’s going to be to install the sight and get it working properly.  

In general, most bow sights are not designed for a specific bow, and the installation process does not require a lot of time. If you prefer, look for a tool-free installation system that simply uses a bracket to attach the sight to the bow.  

Accuracy and Range

When it comes to a bow sight, the main reason that you’re looking for one to place on your bow is to improve your accuracy as you shoot. The pins that you see on the sight will help you adjust the accuracy of the bow, and in general, the smaller pins are going to give you more accuracy with your shots.  

In most cases, the pins will also determine how much range you can get with your bow. If you have a bow sight that has five pins, each one is designed so that you can choose the one that will give you the best shot for the distance that the target is from you.  

Make sure that you purchase the right type of sight so that you can ensure that you have options when it comes to range.  

Ease of Adjustments

Remember, that the pins are often going to need to be adjusted with certain types of bow sights, and you don’t want to be fine-tuning the sight constantly.  

You can simply use an Allen wrench to make the adjustments. Or to make adjusting the sights easier to manage; you may want to consider gang adjustments, which will allow you to move all of the pins at the same time to improve their accuracy.  

Sight Visibility

When the lighting is low when hunting, it can lower your visibility level and make it much more difficult to see your prey. One way to fix this is to make the pins different colors so that you can see which one you’ll need to use in the dark.  

You can also add a fiberoptic filament to the sight, which will help illuminate the area right near the sight. If you do this, you’re going to need batteries to keep the light working, but it really works well if you are willing to keep spare batteries on hand.

Final Thoughts

All of the bow sights that we’ve looked at in this guide are great options to consider, but you will need to determine which one fits your needs best.

It’s good to have the option of having more pins available to use while hunting. If we were to choose one that stood out above the rest, it would have to be the Field Logic IQ Bow Sight.

It is easy to adjust, it gives you more pin options, and it can easily be mounted on any bow. It also features retina lock technology, which is a great tool to have when you are trying to perfect your shot.

IQ Bowsights 7-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Right Hand
61 Reviews
IQ Bowsights 7-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Right Hand
  • RETINA LOCK TECHNOLOGY - Controls muscle memory, form and consistency, allowing you to shoot longer distances with tighter groups. Provides instant feedback that will identify the slightest torque or anchor point change
  • MICRO ADJUST KNOBS - Allowing quick and simple adjustment of the elevation and windage to precise positions using the adjustment markings. The TOOL FREE LOCKING KNOBS lock your windage and elevation in place
  • RIGHT HAND, 7 PINS - .019 Fiber Optic Pins. Stack tight pins, built-in sight level
  • DUAL POSITION MOUNT - Gives you the ability to mount your sight to your particular shooting style
  • ADJUSTABLE 2nd AXIS - Rheostat Sight Light accessory S15000 (sold separately). IQ Micro Bowsight Weighs 7.4 oz.

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