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5 Best Bow Stabilizers for Hunting

Have you ever noticed that there’s a screw-hole at the leading edge of your bow? This is the accessory hole, and this attachment point is placed there by just about every manufacturer so that you can attach an optional bow stabilizer.  

These stabilizers are designed to make your bowhunting groups tighter, and you’ll find that the most professional bowhunters don’t leave home without the best bow stabilizer options.  

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The Best Compound Bow Stabilizer Reviews

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

For those that are looking to optimize their shots, the Bee Stinger line of stabilizers really stands out because of the fact that they are so well-designed. This product, which is part of the Sport Hunter Xtreme line, is fully customizable so that you can add a bit of weight to the stabilizer. This can go a long way towards helping you create the perfect counterbalance for your shots. These also add to the length of the stabilizer so that you can see range gains as well.  

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Additionally, the product also includes a deresonator and a Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener, which are designed to reduce the vibration of your bow shots. As a result, you’ll experience heightened stealth when out in the wild hunting for game.  

In addition to its performance customizability, the product also has several color options so that you can tailor its appearance based on your intended bow application. All in all, this is an excellent bow stabilizer for those that have a good level of expertise.  


  • You can customize the weighting
  • The length can also be adjusted
  • It’s a very durable bow stabilizer


  • This is definitely a stabilizer that’s going to be a bit expensive


Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 6 in. Realtree Xtra

Simply put, anyone that looks at this product will probably notice the strange-looking perforations that are present across most of the external surfaces. These holes are designed to help ensure that drawing the bow with this attached stabilizer isn’t hindered by wind. Consider this: when you’re drawing, factors like wind pressure will actually prevent you from settling in on the shot with any degree of speed, but with these with air flowing through the holes, there’s less overall resistance.  

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 6 in. Realtree Xtra  

Compared to the other products in our guide, this is very lightweight, but there is a feature that will allow you to add two one-ounce weights to the product if you want a little bit more vibration dampening. Overall, this is a stabilizer that combines a high amount of balancing to your draws, which can go a long way towards increasing your chances of making a kill.  

As our first product, this is a bow stabilizer that’s definitely designed with those that understand how to use stabilizers in mind. This doesn’t mean that a beginner won’t be able to derive value from the product, but some of the customization is definitely expert-oriented.  


  • Air flows right through this product
  • It has some color customization options
  • It’s very lightweight but can adjust the balance


  • The length can be a bit offputting, especially when using in-ground blinds


NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 8 Inch Stealth Dampening

When it comes to a well-roundedness, this NAP Black Apache stabilizer is an excellent option for just about any archer. To start, this is one of the few stabilizers on that market that only come in a single length, which is eight inches, which is just about the right size for most applications. For example, this length is great for providing the right amount of balance in the forward/back planes, and the weighting is just right so that you can experience some vibration reduction as well.  

NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 8 Inch Stealth Dampening  

When it comes to its physical design, this is definitely a stabilizer that will appear very unique to most people. This is because it has an almost pinecone-like design that provides a bit more surface area than many other products of the type. As a result, the vibrations caused when firing the bow will be dampened by the exterior protrusions. This stabilizer is also effective on recurve bows.  


  • This is a carbon fiber stabilizer, which means that it’s very durable
  • The eight-inch stabilizer can be screwed apart so that you can use it as a five-inch stabilizer
  • By taking it apart, you can reduce the overall weight down to 5.5 ounces
  • This significantly reduces the vibration of the bow


  • Despite the hardened material, it’s easy to scuff the exterior


SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

This product, which is produced by SAS Archery, comes in three sizing options that include five-, eight-, and 11-inch variations. In addition to this, they also have two distinct color palettes that provide you with the possibility of a jet black design or one that is camouflaged. Like our second product, you’ll notice that this stabilizer has several holes drilled into its body; like that product, this can help reduce the impact of wind resistance when you’re settling in on a shot.  

SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer  

This is also a very durable stabilizer. SAS utilized an aluminum construction that doesn’t add too much weight yet can take a few knocks. In fact, the aluminum is tough enough to resist the scratches and nicks that can happen on the trail. With this product, what you see is what you get, and there are no additional customization options or accessories to consider.  


  • This is a good, well-rounded stabilizer that’s good for any skill level
  • It comes in both black and camo coloration options
  • There are three distinct sizing choices available
  • This really does a good job at dampening vibration


  • The eight- and 11-inch options are a bit too long for shooting from blinds


TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Archery Stabilizer

Our final product is another stabilizer that has a truly unique design that sets it apart from many of the other stabilizers on the market. Like our third product, this stabilizer is crafted out of carbon fiber, which means that it’s both sturdy and lightweight. This is also a fully customizable stabilizer; you simply add the included three-ounce stainless steel stabilizer weights to minutely adjust the balance of your bow. Also, the tri-foil design provides a good amount of rigidity, which can also aid in the dampening performance of the stabilizer.  

TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon 6' Stablizer Realtee XTRA  

TRUGLO was also sure to design this stabilizer to fit just about any bow on the market, and it’s relatively easy to attach. Their TRU-TOUCH system also makes the carbon fiber outer surface feel soft to the touch, which some archers prefer. Like some other products, this bow stabilizer has interior spaces in the shaft area, which can help improve the airflow of the product.  


  • The unique design provides some excellent functionality for the stabilizer
  • This is a very lightweight but balanceable product
  • The weight is fully adjustable thanks to stainless steel, one-ounce weights
  • It comes in different lengths


  • This stabilizer could have used a quick-detachment system


The Best Bow Stabilizer for Hunting: What’s the Point?

To really understand the point of the right bow stabilizer, it’s crucial that you know how they work. As we mentioned, these are designed to seamlessly attach to the front of the bow, and the best compound bow stabilizer will add a bit of weight and balance to this part of the weapon. As a result, your draw won’t have that bit of wobble that you can sometimes experience when you’re aiming your shot, so you’ll have tighter groups, and you’ll be able to loose arrows more readily so that you won’t miss your opportunity.  

Simply put, these are designed to provide your shot with exceptional stability, and stabilizers come in different lengths so that you can fine-tune the performance you need when you’re out in the wilds. For example, if you’re simply out in the bush trying to bag game, then a lightweight and maneuverable six-inch stabilizer can grant you some close-quarters accuracy and improved draw.  

On the other hand, if you’re a long-range bow hunter, then a 30-inch stabilizer can help you tighten your grouping and make shots in excess of 70 meters easy.  

Bow stabilizers are also designed to help resist bow torque, and the longer the stabilizer is, the more effective it is in this regard. In addition to this significant perk, these tend also to inhibit vibration as well. This is particularly effective because of the fact that a dampened vibration on the strings means that your quarry won’t hear the “twang” of your release as quickly.    

Do You Really Need the Best Stabilizer for Bow Hunting?

So, you may be wondering if one of these stabilizers is absolutely essential to your bowhunting success. Well, we’re not going to tell you that you won’t bag game if you don’t have a stabilizer, but these items can certainly improve your chances.  

Stabilizers are just devices that can streamline the process of hunting with a compound bow, so they aren’t absolutely essential.    

That being said, consider purchasing the best bow stabilizer for hunting if you:

Want to Add Speed

These stabilizers are explicitly designed to help reduce the time it takes for you to get settled in on a shot. As a result, with a quicker lock-in time, you’ll be able to tighten up your shot speed significantly.

Remember, settling can undoubtedly slow you down, which is why a device like this that’s designed to help you settle faster can really increase your performance.

Want to Dampen Vibration

If you ask any bowhunter, they’ll tell you that the sound of the vibration that happens when you fire can alert quarry to your shot. Remember, even the fastest bows will only let the arrow loose at a max speed of about 300 feet per second, which is much slower than the sound of the bowstring snapping.

If you can prevent the string from making a lot of noise, you can heighten your chances of remaining stealthy.

Are Looking to Make the Firing Process Feel More Natural

One of the reasons for a slowed settling process is that the weighting on a bow isn’t always optimized for your shot. These stabilizers can make the shot feel much more natural so that the shooting process is improved.  

Want to Tweak Your Overall Performance

As archers, we’re naturally inclined to want to improve our performance, which is why an augmentative product like a stabilizer can be so useful. It will allow you to adjust the experience of your bow so it becomes optimized for your shooting style, especially at full draw.    

Some Features to Consider

Before we get to our reviews, here are a few features that you may want to look out for:  

Can it be Customized?

Some products can be customized when it comes to the weighting so that you can adjust the performance based on conditions like wind or precipitation. These usually include weighted discs that make for better balancing options.

Front-End Weighting

When the front end of the bow stabilizer is weighted, this is a sure way to dampen the vibration of the bow. This also adds a bit of resistance to rotation, so you’ll feel like a shot is more natural.

The Material

When it comes to material construction, there are several different types available. For example, some are made of aluminum, which is lightweight and durable while others are made of carbon fiber that is even lighter and allows for features like venting, which can help you counteract the influence of wind on your shot.  

The material often comes down to personal preference and shooting profile, so it may help you to try out different stabilizer materials before you settle on one.      

Final Thoughts

The best bow stabilizer can really make a difference when you’re trying to improve your grouping. The products that we reviewed here are all excellent and well-balanced options that can help you settle in on a shot quickly.  

Of these products, our favorite is the TRUGLO Tru-Tech stabilizer, which for us, is the best stabilizer for bow hunting in our guide; this unit has good weighting, comes in multiple sizing options, and has good airflow as well. It even has the right level of rigidity and weight to dampen vibration significantly.

TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon 6" Stablizer Realtee XTRA
  • High-modulus carbon fiber rod for superior strength; Carbon-composite exoskeleton
  • Tri-foil shape for optimal rigidity; Vibration dampening adjustable weight suspension system (includes three stainless steel 1 oz. weights)
  • Performance-based composites for vibration/noise reduction
  • Engineered for performance bows
  • TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating

Last update on 2021-01-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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